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COVID-19 SA Premier Update: SA Leads World In Testing Regime, Social Distancing Vital & Who Should Get Tested

South Australia is leading the world in its testing regime, with 17,800 COVID-19 tests having been completed thus far.


South Australian Premier Steven Marshall confirmed in this morning’s press conference that 17,800 COVID-19 tests have been completed.

This makes South Australia a world leader in testing per head of the population.

Already at the REPAT, 762 drive through tests have been done, and test results can now be returned in 21 hours.

The Premier says this is an extraordinary turnaround from SA Pathology, and one South Australians should be very proud of.

The focus remains on sending a strong message that the public needs to take the Government’s new restrictions seriously.

The Premier acknowledged that the restrictions are harsh, and for many, devastating, but the health, safety, and welfare of South Australians must remain the priority.

These restrictions are in place with the intention to reduce and push the peak into the future, and build up South Australia’s capacity to cope when it does hit.

A further meeting of the National Cabinet will be held tonight, with another set for Friday. The Prime Minister has said that if daily meetings are needed, he will hold them.

The press conference again emphasised the importance of adhering to the broader social regime, with the need to work to reduce community transmission.

If people are able to self-isolate and remain at home, that is encouraged.

It is also recommended that those who have returned to South Australia in the past seven days go and get tested for COVID-19.

Dr. Tom Dodd reinforced the success of REPAT testing, stating the drive through station is now seeing one car every five minutes.

He also stated the responsibility of South Australians to be sensible, to isolate and stay at home if possible, and for those who are required to go to work or the supermarket, to practice effective social distancing.

For young people, he said, you’re doing this to save the lives of your grandparents.

South Australia has sufficient tests for the coming weeks, with more reagent coming into the country to cope with testing going forward. Between 1000-1600 tests are being done per day.

More details to come.


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