COVID-19 update: locations of concern

SA Health has identified COVID-19 exposure locations. If you attended an exposure location, you are required to follow the relevant health advice.

SA Health has identified exposure locations associated with positive cases of COVID-19. If you attended these locations, you are required to follow the relevant health advice.


Adelaide – Zhivago

  • Friday 28 January – 11.45pm to Saturday 29 January – ​5.30am

Close contacts – If you were at the above ‘close contact exposure location’ at the specified dates and times, you must:

  • immediately quarantine for 7 days since your exposure
  • get a COVID-19 test immediately
  • get a COVID-19 test again on day 6 after exposure (a negative day 6 test is required to be released from quarantine)
  • get a COVID-19 test again immediately if symptoms develop
  • not attend high risk settings or COVID Management Plan events for 14 days after exposure
  • wear a surgical mask when around others
  • avoid contact with vulnerable people (young children, elderly, pregnant, people with chronic health conditions), avoid non-essential activities, avoid working across worksites and avoid shared spaces and maintain physical distancing on days 8 to 14 after exposure.

HIGH RISK LOCATION – Closely monitor for symptoms

Adelaide – Fumo Blu

  • Friday 28 January – 10.30pm to Saturday 29 January – 1.30am

If you were at the above location, monitor yourself for symptoms, particularly if you were not wearing a face mask, and get tested as soon as they develop.

You may not always receive a call, SMS or email from SA Health. You must follow the relevant health advice even if you have not been contacted.

If you have any COVID-19 symptoms, no matter how mild, seek testing as soon as possible.

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