COVID-19: Woolworths Adds New Shopping Hour For Elderly & Those With Disabilities

After a public outcry, Woolworths has responded rapidly, introducing a new shopping hour for the elderly and those with disabilities.

Woolworths has announced that it will open its doors early, daily, for a dedicated shopping hour to allow the elderly and people with disabilities to shop (hopefully with less chaos, and fully stocked shelves). It comes in response to prolonged panic buying, leaving shelves stripped bare of essentials including long life products and toilet paper.

In recent weeks, the vulnerable have missed out on essentials, and had to battle long lines and crowds.

The new concept kicks off at most of the Woolworths across the country from 7am to 8am tomorrow (Tuesday).

Access will be granted if the shopper has a relevant government issued concession card.

Meanwhile, there are still restrictions on staples to slow the emptying of shelves while stockists scramble to keep up with demand.

Update on Woolworths current quantity limits per shop:

  • *New* Dry Pasta – 2 pack limit per shop
  • *New* Flour – 2 pack limit per shop
  • Tissues – 2 pack limit per shop
  • Paper towel, serviettes and wipes – 1 pack limit per shop
  • Toilet paper – 1 pack limit per shop
  • Hand sanitiser – 2 unit limit per shop; and
  • Bulk rice (2kg+) – 1 pack limit per shop.

In Victoria, due to extraordinary levels of demand for groceries over the weekend, Woolworths will be temporarily suspending delivery services out of their Victorian supermarkets until further notice.

Nationally, they have also temporarily paused their online ‘Pick up’ and ‘Delivery Now’ (our on-demand, in under 2-hour delivery service) services due to temporary shortages on a number of items and to allow their teams to focus on serving customers in-store.

IGA is also considering adding a new shopping hour to cater for the vulnerable, and is trialling it from today at a Victorian store from 6am-7am.

Find your local Woolworths stores here.


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