Create A Happy, Healthy Home With The 30 Day Happy Healthy Home Challenge

The “30 Days To A Happy Healthy Home” challenge encourages you to slow down and love your home and your life more

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Do you feel like things are a little out of control at home? Maybe you want to make changes but feel like they all have to be huge and cost lots? Recycled Interiors is launching the free 30 days to a happy healthy home challenge and the e book version with additional content, today. In this 30 days to a happy healthy home challenge, you will make one small change each day, to create a happy healthy home you can love.

Readers in the Recycled Interiors community have told blogger, consultant and owner of Recycled Interiors, Helen Edwards, the things they find challenging at home. Helen has created the daily tasks to respond to these. Starting today, people who sign up to the challenge will get 1 simple task via email each day to create a happy healthy home. There are no rules and this challenge is meant to enrich your life not create more stress!

The woman behind the challenge Helen Edwards.

The woman behind the challenge Helen Edwards.

“I know that I am not perfect and in fact think there is no perfect” says Helen.

“I have many areas of these challenges to work on myself and will be taking the challenges right alongside our community. I have a messy laundry, a cluttered office and a less than wonderful bathroom. I have 3 loud and active boys, busy days and a lack of space. This is real life! But what I also have is an ability to stay mindful, to notice what really matters and let stuff go. And a way of shifting things around, styling them and managing tasks, to create a new look, or bring things together in a room that make it and my heart, happy.”

Helen believes that a happy healthy home is all about the people, making connections, staying mindful and considering each other and the planet in our choices, and far less about what goes into it, or what colour the walls are. She encourages people to combine old and new items in their homes, to always consider sustainable choices and to focus on their wellbeing and creating homes that reflect your personality.

“We live in a fast paced, constantly connected world and we need to slow down, connect to our loved ones and linger in our homes” says Helen.

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During this one month challenge participants will create calm and happy spaces, sort out some of the visual clutter, learn how to be more mindful, create connections with your family, re-decorate by rearranging, get offline and be more connected, bring the outdoors in, make healthy habits and laugh more and love your home.

Helen is also releasing the e book “30 Days to a Happy Healthy Home” at the same time, with all the challenges included to refer to, and a bonus chapter, along with her updated e book “Tips for a Happy Healthy Home”.
She wants you to love your home and your life more. To sign up to the challenge, find out more or purchase the e books, visit

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