Creatives rescue and rejuvenate North Adelaide café institution

Loxley Coffee, Floristry by Sally Wotton, and the Lesser Store team up to breathe new life into Melbourne Street’s former ‘The Store’ building.

Café institution, The Store, closed its doors in 2020, after 22 years of serving the loyal community of North Adelaide. In a rather poetic turn of events, a collective of small businesses has just taken over the space, breathing new life into the heritage-listed building.

Now known under the collective name, The Store by Sally, the Melbourne Street building is now home to Floristry by Sally Wotton, the Lesser Store, and Loxley Coffee.

During the peak of the pandemic, there were fears for the Melbourne Street precinct’s future. In turn, former The Store owner, Scott Greatrex’s parting wishes was that the historic building wouldn’t turn into an “office block or apartments”.

Thankfully, The Store by Sally will bring a warm and welcoming atmosphere back to the space.

The Lesser Store will be a curated centre for Danish design, set to open within The Store by Sally in August 2022. Jazmin’s mother, Sally Wotton, is the creative mind behind the neighbouring florist.

Also joining the mix is Loxley Coffee. Robby Lippett, founder of Loxley and Attaboy Barber Shop, opened in Kent Town back in February 2021. Loxley has now found a second home at The Store by Sally.

“Everybody had so many beautiful memories when it was The Store,” said Jazmin Wotton, Founder and Buyer of Lesser Store.

“The community has been so welcoming, and mum already has so many loyal and regular clients,” said Jazmin.

“It’s quite a big space and it’s very blended. We didn’t want the space to feel divided. We’ve been working together to create a beautiful look and feel.

“[The Store by Sally] is definitely a team effort, and we’ve all worked together to achieve the desired atmosphere.

“There’s a lot of cafes and a lot of florists, so we wanted to make a point of difference.”

The Store by Sally opened to the public on Saturday 18 June. Since Sally Wotton’s former location was just a few minutes down the road, Floristry by Sally is familiar to the North Adelaide community. The team from Loxley, however, hopes their new presence and feel will attract a new clientele.

To find out more, follow The Store by Sally, Floristry by Sally Wotton, the Lesser Store, and/or Loxley Coffee on Instagram.

Find The Store by Sally at 157 Melbourne Street, North Adelaide 5006.

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