Credit Union's Famous Christmas Pageant Launches Tomorrow

Credit Union’s Famous Christmas Pageant Comes To Town

The bright launch of the Credit Union’s Christmas Pageant is a free event and TWO new floats will be unveiled; fabulous for the kids on school holidays!


With only 1 sleep until the famous Credit Union Christmas Pageant takes over the streets of Adelaide once more, the colour and excitement of the event will burst into life as two NEW floats join the party.

This year’s Credit Union Christmas Pageant has the integral theme of ‘Everybody’s a Star’ and promises to be the biggest and best yet!

As usual the streets of Adelaide will come to life as families and friends gather to watch the famous pageant procession. Get there early to get a good seat!

The organisers tip for this year: take some cushions, rugs and low chairs and leave the pop-up shelters, scaffolding and ladders home. Low is the way to go!

Don’t forget to take some chalk with you to get in on the tradition of colouring in the streets before the pageant begins!

For more information about the upcoming Credit Union Christmas Pageant, go to their website or facebook.

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