Adelaide Fringe

Creepy Guy Comedy

“Creepy Guy” took on the definition of shock tactics last week sneaking into the female changing room at Fernwood Gym in a bid to promote his new Fringe Show.
Mike Klimczak, “Creepy Guy”, certainly oversteps personal boundaries but the gym bunnies at Fernwood took it all in their stride.
They are offering free tickets to his show to whichever member works the hardest every day this week – maybe they want to ensure they can knock him out when they see him?
His comedy dives into the hilarious experiences of childhood to the difficulties of parenthood.
As the Winner of the Best Adelaide Comedy Host 2010, he is well seasoned in providing  tips on how to find the ‘inner creep’ in all of us and how to make people want to sit next to you on public transport.
‘Greatly entertaining…had us in stitches.’ **** Sunday Mail

Mike’s show opens on February 28 at Gelatissimo’s Upstairs Lounge.

For more information visit the Fringe Festival website.

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