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Creme Egg Cocktail Hits CBD Bar For A Limited Time

This cocktail is seriously drool-worthy (and calling our name).


If there’s one thing that’s more exciting than the endless streams of chocolate eggs coming our way in a matter of weeks, then it’s got to be the fact that creative minds are constructing marvellous inventions (more specifically, cocktails) with the endless streams of chocolate eggs.

The Noble Gentleman are releasing a cocktail this month to celebrate Easter.

It’s called the Creme Egg Cocktail. And best of all, it is served inside of an easter egg.

The cocktail will have a delicious mix of vanilla ice cream, baileys, Mozart chocolate liquor and vodka, with mini Cadbury Creme Eggs alongside.

So if you’re looking for a festive spot gather your friends this Easter season for cocktails and food, then The Noble Gentleman is perfect.

Showcasing a different local South Australian winery each month, you can also expect to enjoy a menu featuring the best local produce the state has to offer, filled with tapas and share plate style dishes.

The Noble Gentleman: Tenancy 3, Ground Floor, 41 Currie Street Adelaide

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