Cristina Tridente Previews Her Couture+Love+Madness AFF Runway • Glam Adelaide

Cristina Tridente Previews Her Couture+Love+Madness AFF Runway

Tonight’s ‘Couture Culture’ runway is a sell out, so Cristina Tridente of Couture+Love+Madness has given us a preview of what she’ll have in store, and it’s show-stopping!


Inspired by Paris after Midnight, Couture+Love+Madness designer Cristina Tridente’s highly anticipated couture collection NuitNoire (dark night in French) Autumn/Winter17, will be presented at the sold-out Couture Culture Adelaide Fashion Festival runway tonight.

vanessa-burton-photo-clm-group-large After her incredibly successfully collection for Spring/Summer 16 at the Qingdao International Festival, this new collection is highly anticipated and exudes a deep and dark sensuality. This is emphasised through the use of heavy velvets, deep burgundy laces, romantic frills and metal hardware which adorn each the pieces, and have been sourced from China. It’s hard to think of colours that evoke a more Parisian vibe, complimented by the richness of their texture; it’s positively regal and romantic, yet robust like the city itself after dark. The detail and craftsmanship behind each pieces is more akin to artwork than fashion. The showstopper gown for NuitNore will be the Velvet Eye; with over 500 eyelets made out of different colour metals, all different sizes embroidered onto the grown, taking well over 60 hours to produce. The metallic earrings being showcased exclusively with the gowns are by accessory label Deux.

vanessa-burton-photo-clm-cayleigh-james-4-large vanessa-burton-photo-clm-tess-holloway-2-large vanessa-burton-photo-clm-jasmin-ilic-jpg-largeAs a whole the collection oozes glamour and sophistication. Rarely would the description ‘inky dark and intoxicating plumb’ be so apt. The work is beautiful in design and craft; the Parisian aesthetic is tres chic and all the more reason to adore its splendour.

Photography by Vanessa Burton

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