A Guide To Frozen Cocktails In Adelaide

Adelaide – it’s hot. We know it, you know it, and so do our bars. So much so that there’s quite a few getting around the coming frozen alcohol trend! Find out where to get your frozen espresso martinis, or how to make yourself an Aperol Spritz Icy Pole here!

If you haven’t heard already, these next few days are going to be hot, hot, hot. It’s no surprise really. We are in the middle of summer. Nevertheless, we were enjoying that period of time where you can actually walk around comfortably and touch your steering wheel without screaming. With temperatures reaching near the 40s, we deem it absolutely necessary to pass on some wisdom…and that is, frozen alcoholic beverages and where to find them.

Malobo – Frozen Aperol Spritz
They’ve just released these bad boys today, so head in now to be one of the first to enjoy our favourite spritz in frozen form! Thanks Malobo!

Republic – Frozen Espresso Martinis
The Republic in Norwood has recently introduced frozen espresso martinis to beat the summer heat. Oh, an apparently they’re also available in salted caramel flavour! And don’t be alarmed but we hear there is more! That’s right, there is a frozen cocktail range! Choose from there new frozen mojito-pops or why not try their peach or strawberry frosé? Perfect!

Hennessy Rooftop Bar – Pina Colada & Raspberry Vodka Popsicles
The Mayfair’s Hennessy Rooftop Bar is providing Pina Colada or Raspberry Vodka Popsicles, and we are so, so happy about it. With dark chocolate enrobed Ice-cream and toasted almonds or raspberry vodka, ripple icy pole and fresh strawberries, there truly is something for all of us. Make sure to head in and have a look for yourself.

Villa 77 – Frozen Margaritas
Frozen margaritas. Enough said.

Tequila n Tacos – Coronarita
Did you ever think my margarita isn’t Mexican enough? Or even my corona isn’t icy enough? Well, Tequila n Taco’s have just the concoction for you. Because does summer get much better than a Corona drizzling into a margarita?

Station Lane – Le Petit Rosé Bar
It’s summer’s favourite wine-based slushie – the frosé. But with a twist! Get around a peach and passionfruit flavour at the Casino’s newest destination, Station Lane!

Of course, we understand if it’s too hot to get out to a bar to get some delicious frozen booze into your system. So just for you, we’ve come up with some recipes to get boozy-popsicles out of your very own freezer!

Bellini Popsicle
Step into Harry’s Bar in St Mark’s Square with a Bellini Popsicle from your own freezer. Just add 2 parts peach juice (or nectar if you can’t find juice) to 4 parts prosecco, pour into your icy-pole molds and freeze until cold. For a little more peachy zing, add in some sliced peaches when you’re freezing them!

Aperol Spritz Icy Pole
It’s the drink of Summer 17/18 and you can 100% freeze it and consume that icy goodness at home. Get around 1 part Aperol to 3 parts prosecco. Of course, if you slip on the Aperol bottle and get a bit more in, it won’t freeze so solid, but you’ll get around a magical slushie! We’d suggest freezing orange slices into the icy poles for a more delicious and authentic experience.

Mojito Ice Blocks

Does any drink scream summer more than Mojitos? No? We didn’t think so! Get your Bacardi (2 parts), some simple syrup (3 parts), and some lime juice (3 parts) together and freeze into your molds. For some extra mojito-ness freeze some mint and lime slices in the ice blocks.



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