Dance Review: Sessions 2014: Flamenco Areti

Dance Review: Sessions 2014: Flamenco Areti

You haven’t met flirty until you’ve experienced Flamenco Areti. The three integral parts of Flamenco come together in a seamless performance.


Presented by Flamenco Areti
Reviewed 18 January 2014

Sessions 2014 at the Space Theatre continued the excellent summer live music program hosting a sold-out show from dance sensation Flamenco Areti.

The three integral parts of Flamenco came together in a seamless performance, demonstrating again the level to which the Director of Flamenco Areti, Areti Boyaci, has developed her craft.

The masterful guitarists Kieren Ray and Werner Neumann duelled and duo-ed through the dynamic program with guest cantaor Antonio Soria delivering a level of passion that left no doubt where the heart and soul of the genre lay.

The spectacle provided by the dancers was phenomenal. The group pieces were precise, enticing and energetic; a highlight among them being that red fan dance which left the captivated crowd more than a little hot and bothered.

The beautifully costumed dancers, among them Monika Hatcher, Cat Smith, Bree Bennett, Catherine Ziersch, and Hayley Kollevris, shook the stage floor with spectacularly percussive footwork.

Noteworthy was the impressive lighting, accenting both the musicians and dancers with complementary hues, precise spotlighting, and shadowless feet; glimpses of which were hotly anticipated by the audience.

Special guests, international dancers Tomás Arroquero and Rosalie Cocchiaro were outstanding. Their endless energy and expertise made their performances unforgettable. People around me actually swooned with pleasure as Tomás Arroquero retook to the stage without his jacket. A costume change for Rosalie Cocchiaro had a similar effect; she moved with such effect as to be completely mesmerising. The heat coming from the stage had nothing to do with the weather.

The real skill of Flamenco Areti is that the ensemble of artists move as one to convey the passion in the music; its roots in Andalusian and Romani music and dance styles, with ‘cheery’ themes like bloody death, bloody love and bloody betrayal. What the audience see, hear and feel is a beautifully orchestrated conveyance of emotion; there is not an unnecessary clap, tap or strum, despite the furious flourishes of stage activity.

You haven’t met flirty until you’ve experienced Flamenco Areti. Nobody does ‘tease’ quite like them; with every defiant twirl, seductive hand gesture and alluring flip of a skirt, they will entice you into their story (even if you can’t speak Spanish).

The display unleashed by Flamenco Areti on stage was passionate, powerful, and super-sexy.


Reviewed by Gordon Forester

Venue: Space Theatre, King William Street, Adelaide
Season: “Sessions” runs 02 -24 January 2014
Duration: 2 hours


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