Dart wars and “Art-Chery” activities will make Adelaide Fringe fun for the kids

Enjoy Nerf wars and bow-and-arrow painting at these Gluttony side shows by FunTime Kids Parties.

Make the Fringe Festival even more fun for your kids!

In addition to fairy light-adorned food stalls and family friendly shows, Gluttony has two side shows that will keep your kids active and having fun: Art-Chery and the Dart Blaster Arena. 

The Art Chery event is, you guessed it, a combination of art and archery. In this brand new event, kids can use light-weight bows with child-safe arrows to make paintings. All they need to do is dip the bow into a pot of paint, and shoot it at a large canvas to make a design. 

“The arrows are specifically modified with foam, and they just go splat!” FunTime Kids Parties co-owner Matt Grey says. “There’s nothing like this anywhere in the world; It’s totally unique.”

The Art-Chery event is $1 per arrow, with a minimum purchase of 5 arrows, and there’s also an option to pay $20 to take the art mural home. 

The second activity, Nerf wars in the Dart Blaster Arena, is hosted by the same company and has been running for four years. At a rate of $6 for 15 minutes, kids can pick a dart blaster gun, load it up, and go. 

“The area is completely fenced off and the battle field is set up, so kids can shoot their parents or whoever they want,” Grey says. 

The activities run Saturdays and Sundays for the duration of the fringe, 11am to 6pm.

Read more on the FunTime Kids Parties page.


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