David Beats Goliath In Battle To Supercharge Adelaide Careers

Less textbook, more interaction. The training provider who succeed at turning knowledge into practice.

In a city where TAFE is seen as the go to for training with its facilities for development and workplace learning, a quiet achiever has made a show of strength…

After ten years on the scene, this Adelaide local has added the accolade of a special award to their very successful cap.

With Time Education & Training blitzing last year’s SA Training Awards, taking home the coveted Large Training Provider of the Year Award for 2015, these guys are certainly making their mark in a competitive industry and for good reason.

Whether you’ve wanted to work in an operating theatre, improve your general skill set in the business you run, you want to make money, be better at sales, get those qualifications you need to get the dream job these are the people you want to speak to.

So who is Time Education & Training? Well they are a company using a unique and effective approach when it comes to competency based training. 

Given the challenging environment that businesses are operating in these days, no longer are cookie cutter courses providing everything that workplaces need from their employees, and that is where Time Education & Training and their team step in.

How do they do it? Well by undertaking thorough research of the industry and community within which the business operates, they can tailor the training service to suit every need.

With courses in a variety of fields such as Leadership & Management, Children’s Services, Pharmacy, Sterilisation or Operating Theatre Technical Support, or Transport & Logistics to name a few… They have even been known to offer a sterilisation qualification for a tattoo artist. But we were most impressed when we heard that Mirella from Time Education & Training worked with the Adelaide Casino to tailor their training courses for each job role at the Casino and work the training delivery around their shifts. Now that is on the job training!

The concept was started by proud partners in life and business, John Heidt and Diane Godwin-Heidt, who have used their wealth of knowledge and experience to bring this idea of relevant and customised training to those who need it. 

John’s early-life experiences play a role in the foundation of the company; his family of 10 moved from Holland to Australia in the 1950s where support in language and community involvement was scarce, if not non-existent. After joining the SA Police Force at age 17, Heidt’s spark was lit for what was to become the cornerstone of the company’s philosophy; the effectiveness of competency based training. So basically that means less textbooks and more interaction. Knowledge that can immediately be converted into practical workplace application.

As for Di, well she had a similar educational experience growing up in country South Australia where the education support services were non existant. She also found that the learning framework suited the academic students but left the others with a more ‘hands on’ way of looking at things by the wayside. This just further cements the Time Education & Training’s practical way of bringing education to its students.

More than just award winners, the proof is in the pudding when it comes to how good these guys are as they boast clients including OTR, Adelaide Casino, Benson Radiology, SeaLink, Purple Orange, My Budget, in collaboration with Western Hospital and currently in negotiation with the United Arab Emirates.

It is fair to say that this passionate team really put the ‘time’ into ensuring that people get excited about learning and are equipped with the tools to succeed in their job.

Find out more about this fantastic South Australian business doing amazing things here.

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