Dear America… Here’s 10 Reasons You Should Move To Adelaide

If you don’t fancy your new overlord, it’s time you looked abroad…

Dear America,

So, what the fresh hell happened yesterday? Only half of you guys turned out to the polls, only 18% of you voted for the red guy and now we all have to deal with his supreme lordship; the wall-building, douche-talking, bigoted climate skeptic?

Now, we know that basically (those insane Libertarians aside), that a lot of you didn’t want this to happen either. And we’re commiserating with you, believe us. So now there’s talk about emigrating, and while that charming Canadian bloke across the border might seem like a great idea, perhaps that’s not far enough… so may we present you with a better idea.

So if you’re wondering where to move now Drumpf is head of state, then you need to come and get to know us. Here’s a few reasons why:

1. Lonely Planet has just named South Australia the 5th Best Region in the World to visit for 2017
And it’s just as damn good to live in as well.

South Australia South AustraliaSouth Australia
2. We are one of the best wine regions in the world
In fact we are one of nine major wine capitals in the world, which means that y’all should be looking to us for what’s good. The best regions are within an hour of our capital city and we guarantee, you’ll always be able to find a local designated driver (Uber, after all, is big here).

Dining at The Lane Vineyard, Hahndorf.

Bird In Hand Stayz Weekend

3. We have incredible food
You guys like the cooking channel, right? Well look up Maggie Beer, Poh Ling Yeow, Callum Hahn, Adam Liaw, Simon Bryant… they’re all from Adelaide. And we are the hosts of Tasting Australia, our national food festival for a reason. You’ve got to have good food to pair with that wine after all! Oh yeah, and we have the Best Supermarket in the World as well.

Blackwood Restaurant, Rundle Street2KW
4. We make the best beer in the world too (and AMAZING sprits)
Quite seriously, our craft beer makers are masters and our Prancing Pony ‘India Red Ale’ was named Best In The World. And we can get it at our local. We’re also known as ‘The Gin State’… there are just a few award winning distilleries close to town. And don’t get us started about our how good our bars are…

Pink Moon Saloon, Sans-Arc Studio, Photo David Sievers

Prohibition Liquor Co

Prancing Pony Brewery

5. We are all about the Arts
The second biggest Fringe Festival in the world is what we’re known for and we’re one of two sites in the world to host a WOMAD Festival (the favourite of founder Peter Gabriel), but then we also have Cabaret, Fashion, Feast, Tasting Australia (we mentioned that) and our premier Adelaide Festival. That’s pretty much how we spend our time.

Photo by Trentino Priori

6. We’re pretty good at sports too…
Look, we’re not going to say you’ll understand Australian Rules Football or Cricket right away. But we also have the reigning champions of our national Soccer league, and yes we do play Gridiron, Baseball and Basketball. Aussies have been a part of the last two NBA Championships after all. We also have one of the most beautiful stadiums in the country at the heart of our city.

T20 Cricket
7. Our coastlines are flawless
Travel 15 minutes from our CBD and you’ve got a stretch of coast you’d cry over and sunsets for days… we also like to eat and drink a lot along our beaches as well…
Henley Square Remade by T.C.L with Troppo Architects_Phillip Handforth_2

Henley Beach
8. An our hills are magic to visit!
We’re starting to sound like we’re boasting but when you can find nature trails as beautiful as this just 20 minutes from the city, what’s not to boast about.

Mount Lofty Botanic Garden
9. We are innovative and growing pretty damn rapidly
So, we have this thing called the SAHMRI. It’s a state of the art medical research facility and it’s a part of a pretty damn amazing medical precinct we’re building on the river here. Healthcare is free in Australia, and we’re all about staying on top of our game. Also, we love our tech industry. Never mind Silicon Valley, Adelaide’s Start Up scene is buzzing.

10. Sia is from Adelaide
You love Sia, right?

And… 11. Hundreds of new apartments being built in the city as we speak
So there are plenty of places for new Adelaidians to settle in, and the prices compared with the US (especially with our low Australian Dollar right now) are ridiculous. We’re a lot cheaper than Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth… let us tell you!

(Bonus 12th reason!We all know the Americans love their Christmas …and our Credit Union Christmas Pageant is acknowledged as the best and largest of its kind in the world. It’s something to look forward too for next year.)

Plus, you’re about to start your winter and we’re heading into another gorgeous summer (you’ll get used to the heat). So, we’ll see you in a few weeks, yeah?

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