Declutter and donate good-quality items to Red Cross shops this spring

Spring into the new season by decluttering your wardrobe and donating good-quality items to your local Red Cross shop.
As the weather is getting warmer and people are shopping for spring/summer outfits, Red Cross shops don’t have enough stock and need donations of saleable clothing and accessories.
“People tend to clean out and freshen up their wardrobes at this time of year. If you didn’t wear an item of clothing last year, what are the chances you’ll wear it this year?” says Olivia Cozzolino, Australian Red Cross General Manager Merchandise – Retail.
“We’re calling on the community to recycle their unwanted items by donating them to their local Red Cross shop,” says Ms Cozzolino.
“When you donate quality items to Red Cross shops, the proceeds from sales help support the work of Red Cross. It could be providing breakfast for Aussie school kids who need a healthy start to the day or help during an emergency such as a flood or bushfire,” says Ms Cozzolino.
Red Cross has 164 retail shops around the country and donated goods make up 90% of the stock.
Take your unwanted spring/summer items to your local Red Cross shop or Red Cross can bring a patented Karma Machine to your workplace, school or community centre.
A Karma Machine is a finely tuned piece of cosmic technology disguised as a cardboard box.
Once you have a Karma Machine you can host a fun Karma Collection and get anyone who wants to make a difference to donate. Just fill the Karma Machine with great clothing and accessories you no longer wear and reap the karmic rewards!
To book your Karma Collection, email [email protected]
For your nearest Red Cross shop, visit or call 1800 339 888
For more more details about Red Cross programs and to make a donation, visit or call 1800 811 700.

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