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Deliveroo rewards SA’s covid vax efforts with free fries

South Australia officially hit the crucial milestone of 60% vaccinated earlier this week – so what better way to celebrate than with a side of fries, right?

In an ambitious effort to support Australia’s vaccination rollout, Deliveroo, Hungry Jack’s and local restaurants across the country have teamed up to provide an Australia-wide, state-based vaccination incentive.

Once each state formally reaches 60% double vaxxed, all orders from Hungry Jack’s and participating restaurants on Deliveroo will automatically receive a free large fries with their order on the following weekend – and good news SA – it’s our turn this weekend!

South Australia officially hit the amazing and crucial milestone of 80 per cent vaccinated earlier this week – so what better way to celebrate than with a side of fries, right?

“A successful vaccination rollout is crucial to get us back doing all the things we love, with the people we love. We started this process to find a vaccination incentive for everyone along the journey to Freedom,” says Deliveroo’s Joe Satari.

“With the legends at Hungry Jack’s and heaps of local favourites we will show our gratitude with a tasty reward for all the Aussies out there, keeping each other, and those in our community, safe.”

“With Deliveroo we have put into place a fun incentive to celebrate the progress everyone is making in getting the nation double vaxxed,” says Hungry Jack’s CMO Scott Baird.

“The success of the vaccine rollout is something that is very close to all our hearts. We know Aussies love our fries and every little bit of encouragement helps when it comes to hitting the vaccination rates.”

Deliveroo joins the group of other leading companies like Qantas, Virgin and Telstra who are also finding ways of encouraging and supporting Aussies to get vaccinated.

With summer right around the corner, SA is racing towards a hot vax summer, with this incentive celebrates the progress made on the journey to getting back to normal.

As of October 28, 80.5 per cent of SA have received their first dose, with 64.5 per cent of South Aussies fully vaccinated.

So what are you waiting for? Head to Deliveroo and get ordering now!

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