Design Awards Showcase The Best Of SA/NT

Design Awards Showcase The Best Of SA/NT

The very best of South Australia & NT design was toasted last weekend. View the gallery of winners here.

The anticipated and highly contended Laminex 2016 DIA SA/NT Design Awards were presented last weekend at the Interface APSDA 2016 Gala Dinner, held at the Adelaide Convention Centre.

Celebrating excellence in design across three disciplines, the Awards are a chance for designers from South Australia and the Northern Territory to showcase their work to the wider community. In this case to industry professionals from both Australia and the Asia Pacific region as part of the Asia Pacific Space Designers Alliance (APSDA) 2016 Conference. Held for the first time in Australia, the conference, hosted by the Design Institute of Australia (DIA), gave local designers a chance to showcase their work to an international audience. APSDA is an international alliance of design organisations from countries including China, Japan, Korea ,Singapore, Malaysia, India, The Philippines, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Thailand and Sri Lanka.

This prestigious awards program promotes excellence in design and innovation. It is a recognition and celebration of the skill and professional design contribution of all South Australian and Northern Territory designers. The award categories cover three main design disciplines: Object, Communication and Built Environment with awards given in each category, and three overall awards given by the major sponsor Laminex, the President of the DIA SA/NT Branch and the Premier’s Award.

The winners of the Laminex 2016 DIA SA/NT Design Awards, including judges comments, are:
Premier’s Award: Nectre N60 Combustion Heater by Pecan Engineering 

object_greg-stevens_n60-n65_iain-bond-lounge_support object_greg-stevens_n60-n65_pecan-kitchen_projectionCATEGORY: OBJECT
Gold: Pecan Engineering for the Nectre N60 Combustion Heater
This innovative, affordable Australian designed and manufactured wood heater, clearly outperforms its national and international competitors, in both efficiency improvements, emission reductions and aesthetic refinement. It exceeded the goals set by the original design brief and is an excellent addition to the range of heaters produced by this company.

Silver: If…Pen by Dave Colliver Industrial Design
The highly innovative tactile ‘squeeze’ operation, makes this ‘high-end’ writing implement a joy to use. The durable retraction mechanism overcomes the innately disposable nature of this category of object.

President’s Award: Anitca Pizzeria e Cucina by Genesin Studio

Antica Pizzeria E Cucina Antica Pizzeria E Cucina
Gold: Antica Pizzeria e Cucina by Genesin Studio

Antica by Genesin Studio is an outstanding example of the new wave of hospitality venues in Adelaide. With a muted textural palette, it evokes a secret Italian basement bistro experience. The extensive use of masonry materials is executed with craftsman like precision and sensitivity, whilst conveying a brutalist feel. The entry portal references the form of the pizza oven, and the street facade provides both privacy and an invitation to explore the dining experience within. Every aspect of the design, materials, planning, lighting, acoustics is fully considered and totally resolved. Each element is beautiful, timeless and expertly crafted. A high quality space, where the theatre of pizza making is centre stage.

Silver: Longwood House by Track Architecture
Track Architecture have created a refined and elegant residence in the Adelaide hills. The building is sited to maximise views and natural light penetration; the internal spaces are linked by a horizontal planes. The feel is refined and elegant, with consistent, and well resolved detailing throughout. The choice of materials is thoughtful and robust, the decisions and execution about how the materials abut each other are very crisp. Lighting is subtle and well considered, to accentuate horizontal elements such as the beautifully executed concrete plinth. An excellent example of high quality residential design.

Silver: Pink Moon Saloon by Sans-Arc Studio

builtenvironment_sans-arc-studio_pinkmoonsaloon5 builtenvironment_sans-arc-studio_pinkmoonsaloon2 builtenvironment_sans-arc-studio_pinkmoonsaloon3Laminex Award: Pink Moon Saloon by Sans-Arc Studio
Pink Moon Saloon by Sans-Arc Studio redefines the definition of ‘small’ in small bar. An innovative infill building, its traditional roof form sits in contrast to the multistorey buildings adjacent, and in sympathy with Rigonis dining room down the road. It is a daring and different concept, in a challenging site. The internal volumes with exposed trusses are unusual in proportion: narrow and tall with liberal use of timber on all surfaces, they are playful and evocative of an alpine sauna. The internal courtyard offers a unique urban space between the 2 bars, and a chance to view the drinking huts as separate pavilions. An inviting venue for a Friday lunch or a late Saturday night with friends.

Silver: The Hotel Lobby by Ann Dinh (student)
Ann Dinh’s hotel lobby design is informed by ideas and forms discovered from the deconstruction of an electronic Dictaphone. These are reimagined in the planning and forms created in the lobby, in particular using the concept of a soundwave to inform the ceiling design. Significant design elements are a large formal curtain to reinforce the ramped circulation, and the highly articulated ceiling. A variety of communication methods have been used including modelling, and hand renders.

Silver: Level 5 Kaurna Building by Laura Patterson (student)
Laura Patterson has re-imagined level 5 of the Kaurna Building as a space where students feel encouraged to learn and study in a range of different pedagogies. Simple timber seating elements and screens help to create a variety of spaces, and reflect the architectural language of the John Wardle designed building.

CATEGORY: COMUNICATIONS Gold: Penley Estate by Parallax


Photography: David Sievers

This is a submission that is superbly resolved, having referenced the history of the vineyard and reinterpreting it to appeal to a contemporary market. The quality of typographic detailing is well resolved to complement the overall product presentation. The scraper board illustration is commendable in its projection of the historical images.

Silver: My Kingdom for a Horse by Parallaxcommunication_parallax_mykingdomforahorse_photo21

The design and application of the brand and its relation to the interior is very successful. The reference to medieval heraldry is treated successfully to each of the individual products and the interior, without disrupting the contemporary ethos to create an inviting and informative solution.

“The Awards truly are a celebration of the amazing design talent we have locally; talent we need to celebrate more than just one night of the year. There are incredible things going on in our backyard that much of the community don’t know about, and here at the Design Institute of Australia we are committed to supporting the awareness and success of these designers and showcasing just how much talent we have here in SA/NT,” said Peter Coombs President of the DIA SA/NT Branch.

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