Develop your green thumb with indoor plant workshops with the Botanic Designer

Interior designer Markus Hemence is running a variety of classes to help bring positivity into people’s lives through plants.

“Create a better world around you and you’ll be amazed at the positive impact it has on your life.” These are the words of Adelaide-based interior designer Markus Hamence and the man’s got a point.

Through his years of styling, Markus can attest first-hand to the effect your surroundings play on your mood and personal well-being and it’s with this ethos that he has carried through to his new passion; plants.

Going by the name, The Botanic Designer, Markus has turned his love of using plants to curate a pleasant environment, into a thriving business running a variety of workshops from general plant care to styling your home with plants.

“The whole idea was born during Covid when I was forced to work from home so I wanted to make my workspace as comfortable as I possibly could by filling it with the things I love -which was an abundance of plants,” he laughs.

Working from his mantra of “creating a better world to create a better you”, Markus uses his workshops to encourage and educate people on how to feel good simply by changing their surroundings.

“I present my workshops with the guise of producing positive spaces for us to work and live in, ensuring good mental health in our crazy world right now,” he says.

“Everything affects your mood whether you’re conscious of it or not,”

“From the colour of your walls to the seat you seat in so you want to surround yourself with things that make you feel good and plants are an excellent tool for this.”

And he’s right. Plants have been proven to reduce stress levels, boost positive energy in the body and even improve concentration and productivity.

If you’re like most of us and have a knack for killing plants before they’ve been given a chance to flourish, then Markus has you covered. His fun, informative workshops are hands-on and approachable and he openly shares his wealth of knowledge across plant care and also design, leaving you feeling confident enough to begin your journey as a proud plant parent.

Run at local councils, schools and libraries across the state, Markus also offers workshops aimed at children fusing art and plants into one fun-filled and informative class.

To see Markus’ upcoming workshops visit his website and follow along on Facebook and Instagram.

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