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Did Somebody Say Bubble Soccer?

When you read it, you will understand….

Yes, we did. And you aren’t going crazy. That does say bubble soccer… And it sounds like the best kind of soccer that you could play!

Picture yourself in a giant inflatable bubble suit. Attractive, right? But who cares when you can run and bounce into everyone while you attemopt to play soccer. Who are we kidding, forget the soccer, we just want to bounce off of everything!

Adelaide City Council are putting on all of the fun for FREE in Victoria Square. We are already thinking about who we can round up and take along for some bouncy fun.

You don’t have to book and games will last for a maximum of ten minutes. Oh and also, there are no soccer skills required. Thank god.

After all of the soccer (a.k.a bouncing) you can sort out your lunch from one of Adelaide’s food trucks that are sure to be positioned around the square.

When: Monday 21 December and Tuesday 22 December
Where: Victoria Square, Adelaide
Time:12pm – 2pm

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