SA Government introduces new app that rates venues on accessibility

A DHS initiative, Pavely allows users to search and rate venues on accessibility allowing those with a disability to plan ahead with confidence.

When it comes to planning and enjoying outings, South Australians living with a disability often face a struggle, with many venues not catering to specific needs. But with the introduction of a new South Australian created app, those with accessibility needs will find it easier than ever to find new places to go and fun things to do.

‘Pavely’ is a social planning app that provides a directory of venues from around the state with accessibility and inclusion ratings. The first-of-its-kind platform allows users to search for venues based on accessibility ratings and required accessibility features such as the entrance, amenities, parking and options for assistance, vision and sensory needs. Pavely empowers people living with disability to visit venues with confidence, knowing that their needs are catered to.

One member of the Pavely community couldn’t be happier with the development of the new app. “Not only does Pavely provide me with confidence, it provides me with independence, because I can find the accessibility information I need quickly, and all in one place.” Says Sisaleo Philavong.

Created by the community for the community, users can rate and review their experiences in the app which then forms the basis of the directory to then help the rest of the Pavely family.

But this app isn’t just for those with accessibility needs. Noticed a particularly accessible (or not so) venue? Jump on the app and let people know! The more contributions to the app, the better it works, with creators encouraging everyone to get involved.

An initiative of The Department of Human Services, Pavely was created as part of the State’s Inclusive SA plan and with funding from the Government of South Australia initiative Go2Gov program, promoting greater inclusion for the 300,000 people living with a disability in the state.

“Pavely is all about supporting independence and empowerment for people with accessibility needs,” says Minister for Human Services Nat Cook.

“This app will be a really useful tool for people with a disability and their families to understand what precincts, venues, services and facilities are accessible in the community.

“It’s also a call for venue owners and managers to think about accessibility needs – being inclusive is good for the community and good for business” she continued.

The app officially launched in late May at the Adelaide Zoo, a venue that already offers a lot of accessibility and inclusive options to visitors. The fun and inclusive launch event was attended by a diverse group of South Aussies living with a disability alongside representatives from organisations such as Novita and Can:Do Group.

So, now that you know the facts why not download the app for yourself and get involved in the Pavely community! Here’s how:

Step 1. Sign up

Download the free Pavely app and sign-up to join the community.

Step 2. Explore

Find venues and events that meet your accessibility needs.

Step 3. Visit and contribute

Save your favourite venues, get directions and once you’ve visited, contribute your ratings and accessibility information to help fellow community members.

For more information visit the Pavely website or download the app from the App Store and Google Play.

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