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Discover the best of SA’s booze at your doorstep with Love And Other Drinks

From the minds behind Yiasou George, Anchovy Bandit, NOLA and The Stag, the curated subscription service showcases the best of Australia’s booze.

Image Credit: Love And Other Drinks

Have you ever arrived home on a Friday night and discovered a true disaster – an empty drinks fridge.  Luckily, there is now a way to ensure you’ll never go thirsty or run out of good booze at home.  

Introducing Love And Other Drinks, Australia’s first independent drinks subscription service and the brainchild of industry experts behind Yiasou George, Anchovy Bandit, NOLA and The Stag’s The Big Easy group.

The curated subscription service showcases the best of Australia’s unique booze scene with the hand-picked packages conveniently arriving at your doorstep every month, fit with tasting cards and serving suggestions. Even better – for a limited time only, Love And Other Drinks is offering $50 off their subscription service for new customers using the code newbies at checkout.

“Every day, people have to make hundreds of decisions, so it’s nice to be able to remove one of these from their list,” says Love and Other Drinks co-founder Jamie Huffam.

“We do the hard yards in-house so that our customers can ‘sip back’ & relax.”

A group of four close mates, the co-founders of Love And Other Drinks found their feet in the hospitality industry while working and running several popular Adelaide venues, passion for all things beer, wine, and gin courses through the group’s DNA. This combination of industry expertise and drive to champion local and independent products on a national scale saw Love And Other Drinks become the first service of its kind.  

“Being from Adelaide, we’re constantly inspired by the local brewers, distillers and winemakers we work alongside, so we chose to use the opportunity that our platform has created to support them in return,” says Huffam.

Some South Aussie greats showcased in previous drops include the McLaren Vale Distillery Never Never’s 2021 Ginache, which the team paired with dehydrated orange and boutique mixers. Local beer icons, Prancing Pony and Uraidla Brewing were proudly presented in July’s ‘fresh is best’ beer subscription, while boutique Adelaide Hills wineries, Spiderbill and Scanlon Wines, featured last months ‘latest and greatest’ box.

Subscription not your style? Love And Other Drinks offers one-off purchases for gin packs and mystery boxes of wine and beer for those adventurous at heart.  

When faced with a global pandemic last year, Love And Other Drinks (formerly Big Easy Drinks) launched in response, helping keep staff employed throughout the turbulent time.

Previously an online bottle shop run out of The Stag’s function space, Love And Other Drinks has gone from strength to strength in the last year, evolving into the current subscription model that showcases the best of Aussie booze.

“This past year has been super exciting seeing the growth of the business, developing that relationship with our clientele, and creating a buzz – we love what we do and operate with passion,” says Huffam.

“The Love And Other Drinks movement is building lots of momentum as people are getting behind our vision and expiring the quality of the products and service that we offer.”

But that’s not all for the great SA subscription service. Huffam alluded that the future of Love And Other Drinks may see the company take the path towards creating their own local products soon.  

“There is a big masterplan at work, with everything remaining ‘hush hush’ until the finer details are confirmed. All I can hint at is people may see us creating and adding a few of our own unique products in the mix,” says Huffam.

“Success for Love And Other Drinks will be when we are recognised Australia-wide as the go-to source for great Australian independent beverages.”

To find out more, head to the Love and Other Drinks website, or keep up to date on their Facebook page.

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