Ditch your old linen and help the planet with SA’s huge recycling drive

This May 25, South Australians can recycle old linens for free at various locations across Adelaide. Partnering with BlockTexx, this initiative promotes sustainable waste management by turning discarded textiles into valuable new materials.

Old sheets? Torn towels? Stained tea towels? There is a solution!

South Australians will have an opportunity to responsibly get rid of their old linens through a widespread recycling drive this Saturday the 25th of May.

The event, marking a partnership between Green Industries SA and textile recycler BlockTexx, will see the collection of used bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen linens from 9am to 3pm across Adelaide.

The designated locations will include Torrens Parade Ground in central Adelaide Beverley Recycling and Waste Centre, and the Adelaide Waste and Recycling Centre in North Plympton.

Residents of Adelaide Hills, Port Adelaide Enfield, Charles Sturt, Salisbury, Onkaparinga, and Burnside can find the nearest drop-off point through an online map provided by Green Industries SA.

With concerns growing over the environmental impact of waste, this initiative invites the community to bring their old and worn sheets, towels, pillowcases, and other household linens to one of eight designated drop-off sites for free recycling.

In preparation for Saturday, the community is advised to collect all their unwanted textiles, ensuring that they are clean before sorting them into separate bags designated for linens and clothing (shoes will not be accepted).

Following the collection, an innovative recycling technique developed by BlockTexx will use chemical separation technology called S.O.F.T.™ to process textiles by converting them into valuable, high-grade materials.

These materials are then provided to Australian manufacturers to produce new products ranging from hydro-mulch and fertilisers to shopping baskets and geosynthetic fabrics.

In addition to helping the environment, the initiative aids community welfare with the event directing all clothing donations to St Vincent de Paul’s, further assisting those in need through the redistribution of usable clothing items.

Participating in the linen drive this Saturday the 25th of May offers an easy and impactful way for community members to contribute to environmental conservation efforts and support sustainable waste management practices.

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