Does LED Light Therapy Work? I Put It To The Test

Does LED Light Therapy Work? I Put It To The Test

Ever wondered what LED light therapy is and how it can help problem skin? Read this.


I’ll do just about anything for clearer skin but after years of pretty uninspiring results, when someone suggested I try LED Light Therapy I was skeptical. Could LED light really improve your skin – in my case treat acne and hyper-pigmentation – or was it a load of bull? Either way, I was willing to give it a crack.

What is LED Light Therapy?

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. It’s basically a computer chip that produces light when an electric voltage is applied. So unlike normal light globes, they do not have a wire filament, so will not burn out. With that said, no, your LED Christmas lights will not give you flawless skin. The therapeutic lightwaves sent out by a medical-grade LED light therapy machine will essentially fuel the cells under your skin so that they can do their job quickly and more effectively.

Light is emitted in precise wavelengths for the treatment of acne, superficial skin lesions, relieving pain and promoting skin rejuvenation without physical trauma or thermal damage. There are three different LED colours that are used to treat different skin concerns: red, yellow and blue (read more here). There’s no down time with LED Light Therapy and it’s completely pain-free, so you can pop in for a single treatment before an event or add it onto nearly any other treatment. Seems too good to be true, huh?

The LED Light Therapy Facial Process

I had five sessions over two weeks at Advanced Cosmetic Medicine, alternating between blue (to combat breakouts and blemishes) and yellow (to promote the appearance of younger, healthier skin) using the Lutronic Healite II (one of Australia’s only TGA approved machines). Three sessions were under the blue light as a stand alone treatment ($100), because I had some pimples we wanted to/ clear up and two sessions under the yellow combined with a mini microderm which you can get as part of their Photo Rejuvenation Facial Special ($79). I was hoping that this could be the answer to years of sun (and sun beds – sorry mum) and relentless hormonal acne. Fingers crossed.

The best thing about going to Advanced Cosmetic Medicine opposed to a beauty salon for this type of treatment is that the clinic is owned and run by Dr. Rahma Targett, who specialises in skin. Dr. Targett was able to assess my acne and overall skin health on the spot, to recommend a more well-rounded approach to treating the underlying issue . Not only did I start the LED Light Therapy treatments, I was prescribed an antibiotic right then and there that would help kill any bacteria under the skin (and help prevent pimples forming). I also got a medical-grade topical cream to help combat nasty breakouts.

Before LED Light (blue)

Post LED Light (blue)
Post LED Light (blue)

So to give you the gist of what to expect, on your first appointment you arrive and have a skin consult with either Dr. Targett or your skin therapist to chat about any skin concerns and essentially make a tailored plan. When you’re ready, you lay on a bed with dimmed lights, soft music playing in the background and the Healite II LED light panels are placed right over your face for around 15-20 minutes. Don’t worry – you’ve got goggles to block out the light. You’ll feel a bit of warmth on the face, but it doesn’t get hot or uncomfortable. It’s actually pretty relaxing. I’m sure I fell asleep once or twice.

Post microderm, under the LED Light (yellow)

Post microderm + LED Light (yellow)
Post microderm + LED Light (yellow)

The Results

The yellow LED light had an almost immediate effect. After 15 minutes under the lamps, my skin was a little flushed and looking plump. And by plump, I mean I didn’t look as tired as I did coming in. It was a noticeable result which I really liked – people actually commented. I put this down to the fact I had a mini-microderm in conjunction with the yellow light treatments. Unfortunately for me and acne-sufferers alike, it’s not recommended to have a microdermabrasion with active acne which is why we used the blue light to help nip bacteria, get that under control so I could be on the road to clear, flawless skin and get even better results from the LED lights.

After two weeks of LED Light Therapy, an antibiotic and topical cream prescribed by Dr. Targett, my skin was looking a lot clearer and breakouts weren’t lasting anywhere near as long as they did pre-treatment. I’d definitely recommend combining the LED treatments with a facial both for the benefits and because it feels nice.

To book in for a free consultation or treatment, visit or call 0403 690 031

Advanced Cosmetic Medicine
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