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Doggie Ice Cream Is Being Served Up (Sugar Free) In Henley Beach

Next time you take your fur baby to the beach, there’s a refreshing treat you can offer your pooch, while you smash some gelati.


We all love to spoil our fur babies, and taking them for a trip to the beach is high on our list for ways to spend quality time with them, but sometimes it can get a little warm for our fluffy friends.

Meet Florence, she loves the beach, but hates the heat.

So when we discovered that Copenhagen in Henley Beach has been serving up sugar free Dog Ice Cream (for more than 4 years!), we were more than a little delighted. I’m pretty sure Florence was delighted too.

The $3.80 treat gives your pooch an icy treat in a little tub, just for them.

Kev from Copenhagen won’t reveal the secret ingredients that go in to the 125ml snack but he assures us it’s good for dogs, and they absolutely love it.

There’s also always water out of the front of the shop for those walking past, or popping in for a human treat or two. No dogs are allowed inside the shop, but there’s outdoor seating in Henley Square for Copenhagen every weekend, and they’re more than welcome there.

Royal Copenhagen in Henley is located at 253 Seaview Rd, Henley Beach SA 5022. Check out their Facebook here.

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