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Donate Your Bras To Help Change Women’s Lives In Fiji

By donating your old (good condition) bras, or buying new ones, you can make a big difference in Fijian women’s lives.


Ladies, we all know how a good bra can change your day. They can be fairly pricey but they can help you feel great, and give you the confidence boost you need in your day. A good bra is also physically important, especially for your back! Well, ex-Adelaide gal Rebecca Simon is on a mission to transform the lives of the woman of Fiji, where she now lives, and helping her is simple.


Rebecca has created ‘Becc’s Booby-Bus,’ which has helped to change many lives throughout her beautiful Island home in Fiji, yet there are so many more women whom she is yet to reach, and she needs your help.

Bras are very expensive and not a priority in Fiji, when food and a home take priority. With the minimum wage being $2.75 an hour, a bra is at the bottom of that priority. So it may seem strange collecting bras but it’s an item needed particularly if the ladies get a job, and they can help with back pain. As we touched on above it also makes women feel more confident, in particular, young girls.

So far Becc’s Booby Bus has collected over 1000 bras, but they still need so many more.

Rebecca’s husband will be in Adelaide Australia in June, and is planning on bringing back as many bras as he can collect while he’s in town.

What we need:
– 2nd hand bras in very good condition 
– large size bras
– young girl bras
– new bras if you can
– 💰together with a gold coin donation or anything more each person who donates can contribute, will go towards couriers to Adelaide (for interstate collection points) and towards excess luggage as it takes 3 flights to get them to Bec (she will pay the difference).

If you have any NEW underwear for WOMEN and MEN (so they don’t feel left out) feel free to include them too!

👩‍❤️‍👩 Get your own Booby-Bus Bra Drive happening by sharing this post through your social media, workplace and friends and family and together we can make a huge difference. 👩‍❤️‍👩👩‍❤️‍👩

📮Drop-off points

The 7 Effect Office- 527 Cross Road Plympton 
Att Jodie Nevid

CQUniversity – 44 Greenhill Road Wayville 
Att Fiona Dennis

Caroline at 3 Gluyas Avenue Grange 0438401959

Janeane – Unit 2/86 Augusta St Glenelg East 0430333696

OTHER STATES – Feel free to do your own call-outs and arrange a drop-off point for donations to go to (maybe your work or home) and once collected with the gold coin donations, you can use donations to courier to an above address, any left over donations can be forwarded to Rebecca for the flights to Fiji.


Many thanks from all the ladies here in Fiji.

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