Don’t Get Caught Out Over Easter! Here’s Where To Pick Up Last Minute Items

Public holidays can make it tricky to get everything you need to done on time. Here’s what to do when this week’s not an option.

Easter has come up quicker than we thought. Between catching our breath from Mad March, getting things back to normal at work and gearing the kids up for school holidays, making it to the shops already seems like a challenge itself. Throw Easter long weekend into the mix and it can all come crashing down.

Never fear. We have good news.

On The Run (OTR), will remain open 24/7 over the Easter long week (14 April to 16 April) at all 135 OTR stores across metropolitan and regional South Australia.

“While many shops are closed on Good Friday and throughout the Easter holiday, OTR keep their promise that ‘we never close’ staying open 24/7 for the ultimate convenience for our customers,” said Peter Piliouras, OTR Chief Operating Officer.

“This means OTR will have you covered during your family trip, BBQ’s, Easter Sunday breakfast, and even your Easter Egg hunt!”

“If you’re on your way to the annual Easter family camping trip and the thought of picking up some firewood or gas has slipped your mind. Maybe with all the excitement over the 4 day long weekend you’ve completely forgotten to get some hot cross buns. Don’t worry, OTR have you sorted!” continued Peter.

We’ve put together a list of things you can get at on of your local OTR stores this Easter long weekend:

  • Firestarters – For those campfires, sitting around toasting marshmallows….. and if you have forgot the marshmallows they have them as well!
  • Gas – just in case you forgot to refill the gas bottle when firing up the BBQ.
  • Easter Eggs – sometimes it’s the most obvious of things that you forget. What’s Easter without Easter Eggs?!
  • Happy Wash on the way home – your car will love you for it after the family camping trip
  • Hot Cross Buns – Easter without hot cross buns is just blasphemy. Check out Brumby’s new Nutella Hot Cross Buns – they are to die for!
  • Gardening soils – maybe you’re spending the weekend tackling the gardening, whatever the plan is this Easter, OTR has you covered.
  • Batteries – because everyone runs out when they least expect it!

Thank us later.

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