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Don’t Let Your Decluttering Cause Drama For Charities

If you’re using this time to clean out your house, think twice before dumping your second hand goods at an op shop.


Written by Sue Hill

Who hasn’t got a truckload of trash just waiting to be someone else’s treasure!  It seems high on the list of things to do, with all the extra time we have at home… Chasing down that liberating feeling that comes after some serious decluttering.     

Now whilst at any other time, op shops and charities like Vinnies or the Salvos gladly accept clean working items, right now, many of the stores which are often run by older volunteers, are closed. 

This hasn’t stopped people dropping off their clutter outside the closed venues, which has left the clearing and sorting of goods to be handled by staff who would otherwise be assisting people in need in other ways.    

PLEASE don’t drop your second hand goods off at op shops before you know if they’re wanted.

The best option is to google or call your local op shop or charity before you drop off the goods to check they’re open and whether or not they are accepting goods. 

If not, there’s sure to be a big need later on, so perhaps box it up, shove it at the back of the garage and wait until op-shops and collection centres are able to re-open.   


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