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Don’t Like ‘Old Mate’? Eight Other SATC Ads Dropped This Week That You Need To See

There’s a stack of new ads for South Australia that quietly dropped on to their Youtube channel, that you need to know about.


The public outcry over South Australia’s new tourism ad featuring ‘Old Mate’ has been swift and brutal, but before you become yet another keyboard warrior, there’s a few things you need to see.

Over a dozen new ads have also dropped on to the official South Australia YouTube account, and they’re NOTHING like the first one.

The series, which builds a story around different aspects of South Australia worth visiting (rather than trying to cram them all into a single ‘feature’ ad), suddenly makes ‘Old Mate’ just a blip on the radar in the scheme of things.

Why SATC launched with Old Mate, which has left the public offside with the campaign, is unknown, but it may have been a stroke of genius. The extensive coverage the new campaign has received nationally is money-can’t-buy stuff, and whilst South Australians don’t seem enamoured with the ad, it’s certainly tuned the whole nation into what the SATC is doing.

Here’s the first ad – just in case you haven’t seen it.

Cue the next ads. Is everybody watching now?

Whilst there may be more to come, the above combination of ads certainly seems to be a lot more in line with what the public outcry is demanding, and certainly showcases plenty of reasons to visit our great State.

Let’s just hope that people focus on all the amazing destinations featured in the new ads, and move on from their gripes with Old Mate. As SA residents, we know there are so many incredible reasons to visit our State, and we just want the rest of the world to know how bloody good this place is.

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