Don’t Miss This Heartwarming Story About The True Meaning Of Christmas

A family and their Grinch remind us that Christmas is more than just presents and fancy lights…

Christmas really is the most wonderful time of the year (in our opinion) but sometimes we can all get a little bit wrapped up in the crazy and forget its true meaning. What with all the lunches, dinners, drinks, work functions, and not too mention the mad rush to get all of the gift buying done before the big day. Don’t get us wrong, we love all that stuff (except maybe for the manic present buying stage), but when we heard this heartwarming story about a family bringing back the true meaning of Christmas for a very special reason, we just had to share…

A family on Partalunga Circuit in Woodcroft had a vision to combat the newsworthy Christmas display from their neighbours that draws huge crowds every year. After their father Jeff passed away earlier this year from blood cancer (Myeloma), mum Linda and daughters Amy and Lisa set to work on bringing Jeff’s vision to life. Say hello to the Grinch!

Christmas is a time to enjoy time with loved ones and remember those no longer with us. We love the message the story of the Grinch gives, which is that Christmas isn’t all about the gifts and all the things money can buy, but is rather about the things that really matter. Family.

And so Linda, Amy and Lisa artfully created The Grinch That Stole Christmas and we think it’s just brilliant. Not only does it send a powerful message but it also adds perfectly to the festive display on their street, We’re sure that Jeff would be proud.

See how they did it here:


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