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Don’t Miss This Stunning Champagne Experience Coming To Jolleys Boathouse

For one very special night, prepare to be taken on a Champagne journey by one of Australia’s true experts, paired with a mouth-watering 5 course meal.

When you hear a name like ‘The Champagne Dame’ you might pictured Pasty Stone dolled up with bubbles being intravenously fed into her by a drip while she smokes out front of a fashion show. While that image could probably win an art prize or two, and Patsy may always be the first image to pop into our heads, the real life champagne dame is in fact a wonderful Melbourne personality by the name of Kyla Kirkpatrick.

Kyla KirkpatrickFirst and foremost, she is an educator and presenter specialising in Champagne. Secondly, she is an entertainer and events host. And we suppose thirdly, she’s a drinker (so she’s just like us really). And in what can only be described as possibly the best day job we’ve ever heard of, Kyla is set to travel the country later this year to team up with some of Australia’s top chefs – serving up exquisite champagne matched dinners, but crafted in reverse, which we guess that means going from savoury to sweet champagnes in the opposite order to your standard meal.

For the Adelaide leg on October 20, our iconic Jolleys Boathouse will set the scene and the menu, with each of the 5 courses will be matched for a tour being dubbed the ‘Sens Inverse Champagne Dinner Series’. The evening set to start with Demi-Sec champagne, then move through the champagnes in reverse, finishing with fresh, modern Blanc de Blancs on the final wines. Accompanying this dining journey will be the story of champagne glassware told by The Champagne Dame, including the historical time line of the evolution of the flute, interwoven with the entrancing history of champagne. It all sounds quite whimsical, like an adult trip down to Wonderland.

Seeing as bubbles are something of a religion to South Australians, and we are after all one of the finest wine regions in the world (yep, that’s officially recognised) no doubt the Dame will be pulling out all the stops (CHAMPAGNE PUN!) to create a magical evening that you really should partake in because we only live once and there’s only so many chance one has to be expertly walked through the wonders of traditional Champagne but someone who knows what they’re on about.

Get your tickets to the Sens Inverse Champagne Dinner Series at Jolleys Boathouse on Thursday, 20 October online here. If you’d like to find out more about The Champagne Dame (such as, how do you get her job?), you can follow her on Facebook.

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