Don't Miss Your Chance To Have “Your Say" On Food Trucks In The City

Don’t Miss Your Chance To Have “Your Say” On Food Trucks In The City

Don’t miss your chance to have your say about the future of mobile food businesses in the City…

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There are only three days until the consultation around refined guidelines for operating mobile food businesses in the City, aimed at better supporting fixed businesses and entrepreneurs, closes.

People who are interested in the mobile food vending program and want their opinions heard should go to before COB Friday 28 August 2015.

Lord Mayor Martin Haese said the consultation includes proposed changes to the guidelines aimed at addressing some of the concerns raised by fixed businesses and finding a balance for traders in the city’s ever changing culture and economy.

“It is important that we get this right and we must support our fixed businesses whilst encouraging entrepreneurship and trialling different business models to get the balance right,” said Martin.

“Consultation has been open since 31 July and so far we’ve received feedback from well over 700 people, which is great to see, but I encourage everyone interested who hasn’t already contributed to join the conversation via the Adelaide City Council website.”

One of the proposed changes is around allocating ten of the 40 mobile food vending permits to existing bricks and mortar businesses, creating a more inclusive process and giving fixed businesses the opportunity to build upon their existing business offerings.

Feedback from businesses that already utilise the mobile food vending program confirms that the program provides an alternative way to test consumer preferences before launching a new product. Fee incentives will encourage food vendors into spaces in the Park Lands and around the city where there are fewer similar businesses and greater opportunity for activating the space.

The guidelines include a fee schedule based on a holistic, industry standard model where the scale of fees is set in accordance with the location of the MFV and the business operations opportunities in each area. The revised guidelines support the review of the Park Lands Management Strategy including future plans for infrastructure to better support mobile food vending in the Park Lands and Squares.

To have your opinions heard join the conversation and have your say on the changes to the Mobile Food Vending guidelines go to

The Mobile Food Vending program began in 2011 as a pilot program through Splash Adelaide, since then mobile food vendors have become a popular feature of the City of Adelaide.

The Adelaide City Council’s Mobile Food Vending Program aims to enhance the city by encouraging more activity in the city and North Adelaide, more often.

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