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Donut burgers & Golden Gaytime shakes on offer in Grange

This popular burger joint has announced their newest monthly special, and you’re in for a treat––or three.

No, your eyes no not deceive you.

Popular burger joint Beefcakes & Shakes has announced their newest monthly special, and you’re in for a treat––or three.

The Grange spot has come out with a limited edition menu for April that looks beyond tempting. The menu features three tasty Insta-worthy treats that will have your mouth watering. 

First up on the menu is the ‘Donut You Want Me, Baby?’ burger. The only thing better than a burger? Donuts and burgers combined! 

This monumental creation features Southern fried chicken, maple bacon and Mikey’s Kitchen hot chilli sauce sandwiched between two delicious glazed donuts courtesy of Jenny’s Bakery, one of our favourites. 

Next up is the ‘Golden Gaytime Madness’, a decadent milkshake made with house-made toffee sauce and an entire Golden Gaytime, topped with whipped cream, GG popcorn, GG crumbs, GG Coco Pops and of course, more toffee and chocolate sauce. 

There’s also a savoury treat: the ‘Dr Pepper Sticky Wings’, which are juicy chicken wings drenched in sticky house-made sauce filled with Dr. Pepper, one of America’s most popular soft drinks.  

The team at Beefcakes & Shakes have been wow-ing us with their burger creations and their monthly specials, with past hits being the Nashville Jaffle, the Krispy Kreme burger, and Mi Goreng burger. 

Beefcakes & Shakes is a spin on a classic American burger bar, but as you can see, they think a little outside the box. 

This combo is not for the faint of heart (or stomach), but if you’re up for the challenge, jump on it quickly because it’s only available for the remainder of the month. 

Find the spot online here.

You can find Beefcakes & Shakes at 567 Grange Road, Grange. 

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