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Donut Holes make their way across the Tasman with The Candy Van arriving in Adelaide

Making its debut mere days ago, The Candy Van is serving up yeast risen doughnut holes, coated with your favourite chocolate and soft serve ice cream.

The popular, Tasmania-born business, The Candy Van, has laid a foundation in Campbell Town, and the business has moved to Adelaide in the form of a eye-catching food truck.

Founded in 2018 in Hobart, Tasmania, pastry chef Nathan Imber built an empire off the simple delicacy that is donut holes, the little leftover dough that is pushed out of the centre to make the donut. A little mound of dough has done a lot for this man.

After three years of trading out of two locations in Hobart, Nathan decided to move to the mainland and, on the 10th of September, he made his debut outside the Wattyl Paint Centre in Stepney.

Using social media to announce his location and relying on the appearance of his truck (looking like Willy Wonka’s personal vehicle), a line almost spanned the entire parking lot as the spirit of supporting local business was on full display that day.

But why come to Adelaide, and why donut holes? And why is it called the Candy Van?

“I wanted to make a move to the mainland and I saw Adelaide as like a bigger version of Hobart” says Nathan. “Back in Tasmania, there was no market for a quality donut and I figured I could fill that hole because of my years of experience as a pastry chef. I am quite well known in Hobart and I was one of the first in Tasmania to popularise donut holes.”

Three years later, The Candy Van is still residing in Tasmania under new management, with original founder Nathan making moves here in Adelaide to go up against some fierce competition such as Doughnut world and Leeroy’s.

As for the name, that’s derived from the donut topping with your choice of your favourite candy and icecream lovingly smothered on top.

For $10, you’ll get a filling snack pack of hot donuts made to order, with your favourite candy and ice cream with $15 getting you a deluxe chocolate like Ferrero Rocher, if you are feeling fancy. Make sure you don’t start drooling when you are handed your snack pack!

The Candy Van is still very fresh (and hot) on the Adelaide scene so make sure to show it some love on social media, leave reviews on what you like (and want to see), and where you would like to find the truck. After all, word of mouth works best in a city like ours.

Follow the Candy Van on Facebook and Instagram to stay updated on new flavours and where to find the truck.

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