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Double your annual leave with this holiday hack in 2021

Enjoy 48 days of holidays, using only 18 days of holiday leave by using this handy hack.


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After a challenging and disruptive year, the need for a healthy work-life balance is crucial more than ever to protect ourselves from burnout by taking regular breaks.

And chances are, we’re overdue for a break! With employees working 1,712 hours a year, on average, Australia is among the top 20 hardest-working countries in the world.

Comparing hours worked, the average Australian works 10% longer than employees in the UK and 20% more than employees in Germany (Around 13% of people in cities like Sydney and Melbourne work more than 48 hours a week). 

The team at Instant Offices reveals how Aussies can strategically plan their annual leave ahead using upcoming long weekends and national holidays to maximise time off of up to a whopping 48 days off in 2021.

To improve your work-life balance next year, find out how you can double your downtime and strategically book a few annual leave days in advance, according to Instant Offices:

Maximise Your Holiday Leave in 2021

Dec 2020 /January

Take a 10-day holiday by booking 3 days off

(25 Dec – 3 Jan)


Take a 9-day holiday by booking 4 days off

(23 Jan – 31 Jan)


Take a 10-day holiday by booking 4 days off

(2 Apr – 11 Apr)


Take a 9-day holiday by booking 4 days off

(24 April – 2 May)

December/January 2022

Take a 10-day holiday by booking 3 days off

(25 Dec – 2 Jan)

The Benefits of Mid-Year Breaks for a healthy work-life balance

Working Smarter, Not Harder

When you’re overworked or overwhelmed it’s easy to fall into the habit of ‘always working’ rather than working smart. It’s vital to be able to switch off from work for a while and use downtime to socialise with loved ones, not only to relax your mind but to reset your attention span, improve happiness and renew your creative focus.

Avoid Burnout

Feeling inefficient, exhausted, anxious, disengaged, cynical and even excessively critical of yourself at work are all signs of burnout. Before reaching this extreme point in your career, it’s essential to take preventative measures, and one of the best ways to do this is by taking strategic and regular breaks. By taking the time to focus on physical and mental health, it enables you to bring your A-game at work.

Reset Your Work/Life Balance

Setting clear boundaries so that work stress doesn’t spill over into everyday life can be difficult, but it’s imperative to push the off button and take a step back to focus on the things that really matter – travel, spending time with loved ones, improving yourself, helping others and…lots of napping!

Increase Your Value at Work

Some companies place value in the ‘first to come in, last to leave’ style of working from their employees but, in truth, this culture only leads to burnout and reduced productivity over time. Rather than being the person who spends the most time at work, focus on being the person who brings the most value to each task by being sharp, thoughtful and enthusiastic.

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