Come Along & Watch The Next Drag Idol Be Crowned TOMORROW

Mary’s Poppin is holding the Drag Idol Grand Final where the best drag queen will be crowned!

All images sourced from photographer Eric Brumfield.

Calling all drag queen lovers! This Friday step inside a real life RuPaul’s Drag Race episode at Mary’s Poppin’s Drag Idol Grand Final!

For the last 12 weeks the Mary’s Poppin team have been on the hunt for the ultimate performer.

After much deliberating by both audience votes and industry judges, including Glam Adelaide’s input on the panel, there are now only four drag queens competing for the title of Drag Idol.

Kane Enable

The top four queens include, Ali Holic, Dee Dee Kong, Kane Enable and Rubi Doo!

The winner of the grand final will be awarded the huge prize of holding the Drag Idol title and will take home $1,000 cash.

Most excitingly, the winner will also have the honour of preforming alongside RuPaul Drag Race queens at an In The Dark event.

Ali Holic

Attendees are in for a big night with a star-studded lineup of Drag Idol favourites including Daddy Long Legs, Antonella Bonetti, Veta, Girlz II Men and Hunty Dumpty.

As well as this, the Mary’s Divas will preform and judges will decide who will win the Miss Congeniality award!

Lucky for you, Glam Adelaide has exclusive interviews with the top four queens about what makes their drag unique.

Dee Dee Kong

Ali Holic says, “My drag persona is someone who is focused, confident and has the look of being intense, somewhat cold but very fierce with a never say die attitude”.

Dee Dee Kong says, “As a Drag Artist my uniqueness comes from my message. As a father of two beautiful children, my drag speaks to my urge and desire to embody a character that is focussed on creating a better world for them”.

Kane Enable says, “My drag comes from a place of love; a love of art, of music, of performance, of love lost, and of love gained. It was never an alter ego I created for the stage, but an extension of who I am, and have always been”.

Last but not least, Rubi Doo says, “My drag is unique to the Adelaide drag scene because there are only a small handful of what people consider ‘Bio Queens’ or ‘Faux Drag’ who are out there performing (Drag Queens who identify female). Rubi Doo is what I refer to as a hyper feminised drag queen who gets to celebrate femininity in all its glory”.

Rubi Doo

Alongside the judging panel, the public holds the power to vote in the massive decision of crowning the winning queen, so make sure you’re there!

Drag Idol host, the legendary Vonni is more excited for this grand final than she ever has been before.

“Each of the four finalists are fiercely competitive and sensational performers” says Vonni.

When: Friday August 9 from 10pm

Where: The ‘No Angel’ club space located at Mary’s Poppin Bar, 5 Synagogue Place, Adelaide, SA, 5000.

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