Drag Your Child Off The Couch For National Day Of Real Play

Does your child spend their weekend in front of a screen? Get them out of the house to Bonython Park on Sunday, June 5 for the National Day of Real Play.

Is your child one of those who spends their weekend couped up indoors in front of a screen? When was the last time they got muddy? Climbed some monkey bars. Dug a hole? Accidentally dropped the hand brake in your parked car and let it roll down the driveway before hiding from you for the afternoon?

The point is, kids play. It’s totally normal. It’s not a fad, it’s an actual thing. And Sunday June 5, which is the National Day of Real Play, is supposed to remind us of that.

All parents know that it’s better to allow mischief away from the house because much like animals, children are less likely to break something important to you when put in a large open environment. So to mark the first National Day of Real Play, a FREE real play event for over 500 families will be hosted in Adelaide at Bonython Park by Nature Play SA and funnily enough Omo (who haven’t offered to wash your kids clothes afterwards, which seems a missed opportunity). Families are invited to come and participate in an array of fun activities including cubby house building, orienteering, rock climbing, scavenger hunts, mud play, kite making and flying.

Which, let’s be honest, is also an excuse to wear the little buggers out so they crash early and you can enjoy a Sunday wine in peace and quiet. What a magic moment!

The National Day of Real Play will be held at Bonython Park in Adelaide on Sunday 5th June from 10am-3pm and is FREE to attend. To register your interest and find out more head to the Nature Play Website.

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