Dream Home Office to Build a More Productive Mindset 

Dream Home Office to Build a More Productive Mindset 

We show you how to create a home office where you will effectively separate home life from work life.


DeskWe’ve all been through it – some days you feel like you have so much energy that you could conquer the world, while others it seems like the weight of the universe is on your shoulders. And the fact that you work from home and have to deal with home chores whilst your workload accumulates is not helping either. So the question that normally comes to mind here is, how to create a home office where you will effectively separate home life from work life? In other words, how to create a home office to build a more productive mindset?

One thing you should remember here is that you should focus on being productive rather than being busy. In relation to that, one of the best ways to boost productivity is to improve your work environment so that nothing distracts you. Here are some of the most important factors to consider.

A fabulous, ergonomic work desk

The foundation of every home office is the desk. It’s where you will be spending most of your time while working, so you might as well choose a stylish and functional one. Buy a work desk that is made from a durable material like wood, has an ergonomic design, suitable dimensions for your working needs, and blends perfectly with the rest of your office décor. Moreover, make sure that there is clearance for your thighs, knees and feet under the desk. Here’s a feng shui tip to help you increase your focus: place the work desk in a power position, that is, in a position where you’ll be able to see the door of the office. Why? Well, the psychology behind this is that if there is a door behind your back you will not know when someone might enter the room, which in turn might make you tense, thus less productive. Foster more focus!

Ergonomics all the way – the chair

As sitting in an uncomfortable chair can be the number one cause for a multitude of body aches, it’s of paramount importance to invest in a high-quality ergonomic chair. When you go chair hunting do not forget to sit on and test all pieces that look like they could fit in your office space. Do not be deceived by prices and looks; some of the most expensive chairs in the store may not have the right structure and support for your body type. A good office chair should have the following features:

  • adjustable in height
  • well-padded – meaning you should not be able to feel the seat base under the padding
  • a stable base
  • an adjustable backrest
  • a short enough seat to provide you with full back support

The power of proper lighting

Lighting is such a crucial detail that can significantly change the mood of a room. The first thing to do if you want to boost your productivity is to take advantage of the daylight in the room. Daylight is an important factor which plays a pivotal role in productivity as it keeps you awake and inspired. If you are working on a computer, make sure you bear in mind the glare when choosing the right desk position. However, if you find that your productivity peaks after dusk and you are more comfortable working in the late hours, make sure your light bulbs are yellow, cosy light, providing a soothing and relaxing atmosphere.

Declutter and free your mind

They say minimalism is subtraction for the sake of focus, and indeed – it’s not that you should own nothing, but instead, that nothing should own you. And nothing should divert your focus while working for that matter. Your desk’s surface is the perfect starting point for practising minimalism – if there is nothing on it but the laptop and your notes, your chances of focusing on your screen and what you really need to do are much higher than if there are things around to distract you. No TV and other non-work related distractions for optimal efficiency. Declutter your space to unclutter your mind!

Remind yourself of your goals

Last but certainly not least, don’t forget what your long term goals are. Motivation is one of the greatest driving forces towards success. It’s something that you need daily. For that reason, give yourself little reminders to get you through the tougher days – add some inspirational wall art such as a poster, a painting or even a saying that motivates you to become a better version of yourself.

Top Photo Office Inspiration: Justine Hugh Jones Design via Est Magazine

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