Dref by D makes its mark on local fashion scene with new collection and collab

Dref by D gears up to launch new Spring/Summer ’23 collection which gives us a taste of what we can expect to hit SA boutiques next year.

Renowned fashion label Dref by D is making waves in the industry as it gears up to launch its highly anticipated Spring/Summer ’23 collection. Next year, the brand is set to make its mark in independent fashion boutiques across SA.

With a strong focus on sustainability and timeless style, the brand has partnered with Sydney-based Garland & Garland Fashion Agency to navigate the challenging field of independent retail and wholesale distribution.

Tania Hanna, the founder and chief designer of Dref by D, has over 30 years of experience in the fashion industry. Her expertise ranges from designing and teaching design to producing exclusive projects for various labels, both locally and internationally.

Recognising the market’s need for quality and unique pieces, Tania embarked on a transformative journey to introduce Dref by D to the fashion industry.

Established in 2019, the brand showcases Tania’s strong sense of style through statement pieces that exude a luxurious and timeless allure. Dref by D celebrates the beauty of diverse body types and skin colours, ensuring that fits, fabrics, and finishes are never compromised.

“We never want to compromise on all those facets (quality of fabrications and finishes) when it comes to designing. One focus is, has it been developed in an ethical way? And is it considered a sustainable environment?” says Tania Hanna.

In an era where consumers are becoming increasingly cautious about the fashion industry’s environmental impact, Dref by D stands out by prioritising sustainability and ethical options. Tania’s long-standing relationships with manufacturing partners have set a commendable standard of conduct over the years. Furthermore, Dref by D consistently seeks out more sustainable and ethical alternatives, growing with each collection.

The upcoming Spring/Summer ’23 collection by Dref by D continues to impress with its focus on sustainability and timeless style. Natural-derived materials take center stage, embracing a cohesive palette of natural hues with tasteful pops of color.

The collection features distinctive Dref by D silhouettes, showcasing exceptional knitwear quality and lightweight fabrics perfect for transitional weather. The brand’s signature grosgrain detail is thoughtfully woven throughout the range, with standout pieces featuring voluminous sleeves. Each garment tells a captivating narrative, reflecting the brand’s unique aesthetic.

To launch the Spring/Summer ’23 collection, Dref by D has partnered with Garland & Garland Fashion Agency, based in Sydney. This collaboration allows the emerging boutique brand to tap into the experienced sales team and navigate the challenging fashion landscape.

“Sustainability isn’t a trend, it’s here to stay. The customer now wants better fashion, investment dresses, invests in quiet luxury and understands beautiful and natural fabrics. They want clothing they can pair back with other fashion pieces and mix and match for years to come,” co-founder of Garland & Garland Fashion Agency Phoebes Garland says.

“Dref by D has been performing very well at retail for the right stores, and we see so much potential for the future. We have really identified the right customer for the brand… she’s sophisticated, understated, but also knows good fashion.”

The partnership between dref_by_d and Garland & Garland Fashion Agency signifies the shift in consumer preferences towards better quality, sustainable fashion with longevity.

Dref by D’s commitment to providing value for money and appreciating the importance of fabrics and design resonates with customers and buyers alike.

With its focus on sustainability, quality craftsmanship, and timeless style, dref_by_d continues to redefine the fashion landscape, creating a lasting impact in the industry.

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