Drivers’ most common parking mistakes revealed in new findings

Results from an RAA quiz show many drivers lack understanding of basic parking laws, risking fines and road safety. Find out what you may be doing wrong here.

Recent results from an RAA road rules quiz have revealed that many drivers are unclear about basic car parking rules, which could lead to fines.

The quiz was featured in RAA’s SA move magazine and included more than 3,500 respondents. It highlighted several common misunderstandings about parking regulations.

Only 44% of those surveyed knew that it is permissible to stop in a ‘no parking’ zone for up to two minutes to load or unload passengers or goods. A significant number incorrectly believed that stopping in these zones was entirely prohibited.

Just 37% of participants were aware that a 3-metre gap must be maintained when parking opposite another vehicle on a narrow street. Furthermore, only 22% understood the requirement to leave at least one metre of space both in front and behind their vehicle when parallel parking on unmarked roads.

Charles Mountain, RAA Senior Manager Safety & Infrastructure, expressed concern over these findings. He emphasised the complexity of parking rules and the importance of understanding them to avoid penalties. “Carparking rules can be complex and technical, but knowing what they are is important,” he said. He highlighted that incorrect parking on narrow streets can hinder the movement of emergency vehicles and waste collection trucks.

Mr Mountain also noted the significance of recognising minimum distance requirements when parallel parking. This knowledge is crucial not only for avoiding fines but also for ensuring ease of access to parked vehicles for loading and unloading.

Parking in busy areas such as the CBD and metropolitan shopping precincts poses challenges. Familiarity with parking rules can help mitigate these challenges by reducing the risk of fines and facilitating courteous parking practices.

To aid drivers, Mr Mountain recommended regular reviews of road rules.

“We encourage all road users to review current road rules online – the State Government’s My Licence website is a great resource where you can do this,” he said.

He also reminded drivers about the introduction of new road rules earlier in the year, suggesting that staying informed could prevent confusion and ensure compliance with the law.

This call to refresh road rule knowledge underscores the need for ongoing education on driving regulations to enhance road safety and vehicle operation efficiency within the community.

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