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Hardys Wines launches zero-alcohol wine range for Dry July

As the demand for no-alcohol drinks increases, Hardys ZERO offers a low sugar, low-calorie, non-alcoholic option for those opting away from booze.

If you’re considering Dry July but not sure how you’re going to manage without the after-work wine, then listen up.

Hardys, one of Australia’s oldest and most iconic wineries, introduces its zero-alcohol wine range Hardys ZERO which includes a Shiraz, Chardonnay and Sparkling.

Still boasting Hardys hallmark quality, the new Hardys ZERO range is crafted using state-of-the-art technology that gently de-alcoholises the wine at a cooler temperature while retaining natural flavours and body, without compromising on taste.

According to Wine Intelligence, 39 per cent of regular wine drinkers globally claim to be reducing their alcohol intake. The figure for Australia is 46 per cent across all ages, and 56 per cent of the 18–34 age group with the younger millennial generation leading the uptake in the no and low alcohol wine movement citing reasons such as health and weight management.

With Dry July on the horizon, the Hardys ZERO range offers this emerging wave of health-conscious consumers a collection of great-tasting options to reduce alcohol intake, and manage health while still enjoying the social aspect of drinking great quality wine.

Paul Burnett, Accolade Wines ZERO lead winemaker, says the Hardys ZERO range offers Australians who were previously sceptical about the world of zero-alcohol wines a lasting impression with the vibrant range retaining aroma, body, sensation, and natural flavour.

Burnett explains, “The Hardys ZERO range is perfect for people wanting to take the leap into the world of zero-alcohol wines or those who may have been left unimpressed with zero-alcohol wine in the past. With over 165 years of winemaking heritage, our winemaking team is committed to continuously pushing the boundaries of innovation and providing consumers certainty in their wine choice every time – whether that be with, or without, alcohol.

“A few years back the perception was that low and no-alcohol wines meant a compromise on taste but today, with new innovative technology, that’s no longer the case. Hardys ZERO offers a superior tasting experience versus other zero-alcohol wines. It’s a game changer for the wine industry.”

The Hardys ZERO range is crafted by carefully selecting parcels of the best grapes and de-alcoholising them through a revolutionary new process. Accolade Wines has first-to-market access to the leading-edge technology, Zero Tech X, which produces delicious and quality zero-alcohol wines with retained natural flavours, aroma and body.

With the alcohol removed but natural flavours of full-strength wine retained, Hardys ZERO requires less sugary additives versus traditional de-alcoholising techniques. The results are low sugar and low-calorie zero-alcohol wines, giving consumers zero reasons to not enjoy another glass.

Non-alcoholic wines are one of Australia’s fastest-growing drink categories, with the annual growth rate for the category well above the total wine market. The growth rate forecast by IWSR1 for the next five years (2021–25) is 15 per cent per annum on average, compared with less than 1 per cent per annum for total wine volume. Additionally, research from DrinkWise indicates that 43% of all alcohol drinkers want to cut down their consumption, indicating a substantial need for great quality, zero-alcohol wine.

Burnett says even though the betterment trend and mindful drinking show no signs of slowing, it’s essential that flavour and quality aren’t sacrificed when it comes to no-alcohol wine.

“We know consumers are increasingly more conscious of their alcohol consumption and on occasion are looking to switch to low-to-no alcohol options to find more balance,” he says.

“However, we cannot underestimate the importance of taste as part of their decision. The Hardys ZERO range is crafted with the same care and passion as our alcoholic ranges; wines that Hardys fans around the globe know and love”.

Hardys ZERO Shiraz is blended from fruit picked at optimum maturity resulting in a wine that displays vibrant bright colours, a ripe flavour profile, and a rounded palate with soft fine tannins. Vintage 2020 was an excellent year for red wines in South Australia, resulting from a warm, dry summer season which provided ideal conditions for growing.

Hardys ZERO Chardonnay offers bright fruit flavours of white peach and honeydew melon with juicy acidity with a medium weight, softly textured palate. Careful selection of oak during fermentation and extended lees stirring has delivered a powerful and generous wine. An excellent year for white wines, resulting from a warm, dry summer season which provided excellent growing conditions.

Hardys ZERO Sparkling is soft and textured with flavours of lemon curd, melon and nougat, with a floral bouquet underpinned by white peach and citrus. This flavourful sparkling offers wine lovers a great alcohol free option with bright natural acidity and a moderate to dry finish.

The Hardys ZERO range will be available at Woolworths and independent liquor retailers from the 18th of July 2022. Hardys ZERO Shiraz is available at Coles supermarkets now. Hardys ZERO Shiraz (RRP $13) Hardys ZERO Chardonnay (RRP $13) Hardys ZERO Sparkling (RRP $13).

For more information, visit the Hardys website or follow along on Facebook and Instagram.

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