Dunstan Adventure Playground reopens after $1.4m upgrade

The Dunstan Adventure Playground has reopened since undergoing a $1.4m upgrade, boasting an array of exciting new features.

Photo: City of Norwood Payneham and St Peters.

Adventure awaits for the young and young at heart at the Dunstan Adventure Playground, which has reopened to the public after undergoing major upgrades.

The project was managed by the City of Norwood Payneham and St Peters and the extensive upgrade cost approximately $1,450,000 million, with $450,000 contributed by the State Government’s Open Space Grant Program.

The Dunstan Adventure Playground has been transformed into a play zone for children and a family fun facility almost 50 years after it first opened.

The playground, located on Winchester Street in St Peters, now boasts an array of exciting features, inviting children and families to immerse themselves in a world of play and exploration.

For the daring and adventurous, the colossal ‘super slide’ is a must-try, an adrenaline-inducing descent for those seeking a thrill.

The upgraded flying fox and suspended wobble footbridge add a further layer of excitement, and the expansive climbing opportunities demand a certain level of confidence and balance, offering a space for kids to challenge themselves.

Kids can also have fun with water play, bounce on mini trampolines, and soar high on gigantic swings.

While the playground is designed to cater to the daring older children, there’s no need for the younger ones to feel left out. For the tots and those still building their confidence, the playground features traditional climbing structures, swings, and monkey bars.

The playground’s design ensures an inclusive environment where children of all ages can find joy and entertainment.

Kaurna Yerta Aboriginal Corporation (KYAC) has been involved with the design of the playground, and many of the elements throughout the space represent Kaurna elements.

One of the Kaurna artists who assisted with developing the playground’s Kaurna elements is also currently painting a mural on-site.

But the upgrade includes more than just play equipment, it also includes essential facilities such as toilets, BBQ and picnic areas, park furniture, landscaping and irrigation, and improved pathways.

The benefits of this investment extend beyond just the joy of play as they also promote increased community participation in recreation activities, improved accessibility, and enhanced safety.

A bit of backstory about the playground itself: In 1975, the St Peters Council secured funding to establish an Adventure Playground for children aged 10 to 16 years old.

However, the playground was only partially built due to significant community feedback, so the council designed a new park but required additional funding to create and install the play equipment.

Premier Don Dunstan assisted the council by organising the State Government to allocate funds to complete the Dunstan Adventure Playground.

The City of Norwood Payneham and St Peters continued Premier Dunstan’s vision in 2021 by announcing the redevelopment and upgrade of the Dunstan Adventure Playground, and the upgrade honours Don Dunstan’s original vision with adventure-themed play equipment.

The official opening of the Dunstan Adventure Playground is set for Saturday, February 3, 2024, and the local community, alongside special guests, are invited to come along.

While using the playground, the council kindly asks people to respect the plants as they are juvenile and being protected whilst they grow. The council thanks the community for their patience while the construction work was undertaken.

To read more about the Dunstan Adventure Playground, click here.

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