DVD Review: Andron: Black Labyrinth

DVD Review: Andron: Black Labyrinth

10 people wake in a labyrinth with no memory and are forced to participate in The Redemption Games which are televised to the masses, but only 1 can survive.


What a load of utter rubbish!

Unashamedly stealing directly from The Hunger Games, The Maze, Cube and other similar stories, this z-grade science fiction tripe has nothing going for it other than a few nice special effects. Yet, with names like Alec Baldwin, Danny Glover and Michelle Ryan attached to it, the greatest mystery is whether or not they saw the script before agreeing to it.

This is the 10th film helmed by writer and director Francesco Cinquemani. He should know better.

AndronDVDWith dialogue so bad we get lines like “The winner can choose three people of their choice”, it’s in dire need of a rewrite.

With a plot so ridiculous that it makes no sense, even in a drunken stupour, it’s in need of some intelligence.

With a cast of actors that look like they wish they weren’t present, it’s in need of some acting.

Andron: Black Labyrinth is set some time in the future where 10 participants wake in a labyrinth with no memory and find themselves participating in The Redemtion Games. Only one person can survive and while they battle against the whim of the cheating controller, their escapades are secretly televised to the masses. Nine corporations own the planet after the unexplained Big Catastrophe wiped out 9 billion people. Those who survived are now slaves to the corporations and are forced to bet on the participants of the Games. As a participant dies, all those who bet on that person also die.

Such an efficient way to cull the population must have made perfect sense at the time to someone, as does the idea of corporations killing off their slave labour and/or potential customers en masse. Let’s not go there.

From the opening titles, which feature a sci-fi styled font and overly dramatic music by Riccardo Eberspacher, to the uninspired ending for those still awake, Andron: Black Labyrinth is not bad enough to make cult status in the same way that films like Sharknado have achieved. It is just simply Bad with a capital B. Awful. Utter rubbish.

If you dare to sit through one of the worst films of 2016, strap yourself in or else you’re likely to wander off before the end.

Reviewed by Rod Lewis
Twitter: @StrtegicRetweet

Rating out of 10:  1

Andron: Black Labyrinth will be unleashed on Blu-ray and DVD from 8 September 2016.

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