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DVD Review: Glitch Season 1

In one of the best local productions seen in recent years, this gothic Australian drama explores the inexplicable return of 6 people from the grave.

Australian TV rarely tackles genre subjects. Whilst drama and comedy shows have been a mainstay of local television for decades, science fiction and horror-themed tales have been scarce. We have the talent for such series with overseas productions utilising local behind-the-scenes workers. A rare example of something different is Glitch. Deftly mixing horror, drama and social commentary, it’s one of the best local productions seen in recent years.

Answering a midnight call to the local cemetery, policeman James (Patrick Brammall) thinks he is on a routine job. Confronted by a group of people claiming to have risen from the grave, he knows his night has gotten very strange. When discovering one of them is his dead wife Kate (Emma Booth), James faces a personal crisis. Working with doctor Elishia (Genevieve O’Reilly) to uncover the mystery of the new arrivals, long buried secrets emerge from beyond the grave.

Glitch runs the gamut of emotional intrigue in a uniquely local way. This isn’t The Walking Dead Part 2 or a cheap zombie yarn. It’s a story of regret, anger, determination and love. Having genuine depth amidst its compelling mystery, Glitch provides consistently enthralling viewing. Over its six episodes we gradually uncover the secrets the resurrected people bring. Why they were revived and how they deal with their return is often fascinating to watch.

Effectively unfurling its myriad of surprises, director Emma Freeman does a great job. Discarding any over-the-top histrionics, she grounds the odd story with true reality. Freeman also remembers to move things along, leading to a shocking denouncement. She is graced with a fine cast and excellent photography bringing the sometimes harsh surrounds to life. Its general low-key feel hides a darkly gothic tale enabling the series to linger in the memory.

Hopefully the success of Glitch leads to more genre diversity on local television. Proving this country has the gift to craft such shows, Glitch offers hope more similar, dazzling productions will grace screens in the near future.

Reviewed by Patrick Moore
Twiter: @PatrickMoore14

Rating out of 10: 9

Glitch: Season 1 is now available on on DVD & Digital.

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