DVD Review: Impy’s Island

On the island of Tikiwoo, a dinosaur/dragon hybrid is hatched but in a faraway land, King Pumponell learns of little Impy’s existence and sets out to hunt him.

On a remote tropical island called Tikiwoo lives the eccentric Professor Tibberton with a group of misfit animals he has taught to speak. One day an amazing discovery is made when a large egg frozen in a chunk of iceberg is found; confirming his research that the Impodochosaurus really did, and does, exist. They call the baby dinosaur/dragon hybrid Impy.

ImpysIslandDVDMeanwhile, in a faraway land, King Pumponell hunts animals to pass the time, and when he learns of little Impy’s existence, he embarks on an expedition to Tikiwoo. Everyone tries their best to hide Impy, but Impy is mischievous and curious, and lands himself in a situation where everyone must work together to save him.

Based on the German 12-book children’s series that began in 1969, Impy’s Island is an English version of the 2006 German film release called Urmel aus dem Eis.

The computer animation is vibrant and well done with a lot of detail. The storyline is easy to follow but is let down by the script. Full of puns and one-liners, these may amuse a younger audience the most – for everyone else they may become intolerable. Impy’s Island also relies heavily on slapstick humour and visual gags for laughs, with many of these quite humorous.

Many of the animals that speak have common speech ailments (such as Monty the Monitor Lizard’s lisp), which act as a lesson to not pick on others who may say things differently. Impy’s Island also teaches teamwork, friendship, and that family is not necessarily about blood, but rather who will be there to love and look after you the most despite your differences.

Reviewed by Adriana Allman

Rating out of 10:  5

Impy’s Island will be released on DVD on 18 November 2015, with it’s sequel Impy’s Wonderland coming to DVD in January 2016.

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