DVD Review: Impy’s Wonderland

DVD Review: Impy’s Wonderland

When Impy runs away to seek fame and attention at a theme park, he becomes the owner’s prisoner and its up to his animal friends to rescue him.


Following on from last year’s Impy’s Island comes this stand-alone sequel set 12 months later when our hero is presented with a panda called Babu for his first birthday.

Impy is a dinosaur/dragon hybrid who lives on the remote tropical island of Tikiwoo with his friends. He enjoys being in the limelight but when Babu proves to be popular amongst everyone, Impy leaves the island with evil businessman Barnaby, who offers him fame and glory at a theme park. Once there, Impy is put in chains until Babu and his friends come to the rescue.

Like the first story, Impy’s Wonderland is aimed at a younger audience, offering themes of friendship and teamwork. The action is suitable for young children and the animation is first rate.

Directors Reinhard Klooss and Holger Tappe make the most of Sven Severin’s screenplay with an imagination that will impress the mums and dads as much as it excites the kids. The rollercoaster scene almost an hour in is a prime example of the detail and thought that has gone into the feature-length, animated film.

Emlyn Elisabeth Morinelli provides a child-like voice for Impy, taking over from Lisa Ortiz who voice the character in the original film but now voices the character Ping. Veronica Taylor is cute as the voice of Babu, and Oliver Kalkofe is suitably tough as Barnaby.

Impy’s Wonderland is imaginative, fun, thrilling and absolutely beautifully made with detailed computer animation. Grab it on DVD before the holidays end.

Reviewed by Rod Lewis
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Rating out of 10:  8

Impy’s Wonderland will be released on DVD on 13 January 2016.

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