DVD Review: Lauren’s OMG! Workout

DVD Review: Lauren’s OMG! Workout

British celebrity Lauren Goodger pairs with two professional trainers to present a 50-minute home workout broken into 5-minute segments for those short of time.


There is absolutely no doubt that British celebrity Lauren Goodger (The Only Way is Essex) looks great and has lost a whole bunch of weight. There’s also no doubt that a celebrity endorsement can boosts sales, which is precisely the reason Lauren’s OMG! Workout is named after the one person who has the least to do in this workout video.

Getting straight to the point, this workout video will leave most people’s thighs aching for days. Using a technique they call “pylo-dynamics”, the aerobic routines use “explosive powerful movements that involve the big muscle groups in your body” – in other words, your legs primarily.

LaurensOMGworkoutDVDAny exercise routine can be effective if done consistently and properly, and this 50-minute workout will do the same, although any claims to new or better techniques seems dubious. What sets Lauren’s OMG! Workout apart from most is that it presents ten 5-minute exercise routines which can be watched as a single 50-minute aerobics class or in the shorter segments for those with less time or stamina. What a great idea! With lack of time being one of the biggest excuses given for avoiding regular exercise, Lauren’s OMG! Workout, nips that in the bud immediately. No more excuses.

There’s also a great deal of twerking and hip movements, making a lot of the choreography extremely feminine. In itself, this is not a bad thing, but it does limit the opportunity for women to get their husbands or boyfriends involved. Yes, the irony has not escaped me that I’m a male reviewer – but at least I can twerk better than you now!

Trainer Emma is pregnant and offers the low intensity or easier option for each exercise while fellow trainer Lisa (with Lauren) starts easy then ups the ante for those at a higher fitness level. That said, some exercises have no “easier” option and just the warm-up will work up a sweat for those only starting on their fitness journey. Of course, as the girls allude to, the aim is to build up your fitness levels and not take an ‘all or nothing’ approach.

The DVD also offers an additional 16-minute (or 3 x 5-minute) “extras” workout, plus recipes for healthy eating. Both are certainly a bonus.

What’s not to like is the cheap quality of the production values. Lauren stands in the centre barely uttering a word while her trainers, Lisa and Emma, talk you through the routines. When they do get Lauren to say something, she’s far from inspirational in any way except physically.

The girls keep eyes-to-the-front, regardless of the camera angle, which adds to the overall feel of a home-made YouTube video, as does the seemingly forced pleasantries. It is quite disappointing to see such little direction has gone into the production. For beginners, there’s also no opening dialogue about what clothing or shoes to wear. While most exercises are done standing up, there are a few that involve kneeling and an exercise mat would be advisable for those with knee problems. Other than that, no other equipment is required.

As an overall exercise motivator, Lauren’s OMG! Workout is probably equally as effective as any other and, despite the cheap appearance of the presentation, we work out so we look good, not the TV. Right?

As always, check with your doctor before beginning any new exercise activity.

Reviewed by Rod Lewis
Twitter: @StrtegicRetweet

Rating out of 10:  6

Lauren’s OMG! Workout is out now on DVD.

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