DVD Review: Mythica 3: The Necromancer

DVD Review: Mythica 3: The Necromancer

When Thane is kidnapped by an old enemy, Marek and the others are forced to complete a mission for their nemesis.


I love the Mythica series and Mythica 3:The Necromancer is probably now my favourite!

This film takes place sometime after the second one, and we find our group of heroes, the mage Marek, warrior Thane, rogue Dagen, and priestess Teela celebrating in the local tavern and buying drinks for everyone.

Marek, has progressed in her magical ability, training with her mentor Gojun Pye, but all is not as wonderful as it seems. The evil necromancer Szorlok is still seeking the remaining pieces of the Darkspore, and nearly succeeds in killing Gojun Pye.

Also, an old enemy of Marek and friends, Peregus Mallister, has not gotten over his humiliation back in the first film. He kidnaps Thane, using his now-powerful position to force Marek and the others to perform a mission for him. This results in Marek unhappy to remain behind, as Gojun had recommended, but with her friend’s life on the line, she has no choice.

Accompanying them is one of Mallister’s enforcers, Betylla, intimidating, cool, and clearly not a “nice” character. However, he cannot truly be called a villain either, as we find out. His presence as a tough, experienced, adventurer is welcome among the younger and more idealistic heroes. Things, of course, do not play out as simply as everyone would like, and before long our heroes find themselves confronting Szorlok again.

As with the second instalment, Kevin Sorbo does not feature heavily, however this does not matter as there are many other excellent performances, three in particular:

Nicola Posener’s High Priestess seems to develop as the series progresses. Her performance is solid and believable. She also provides many moments of pathos.

Melanie Stone’s Marek virtually carries the film. She drives the pace and storyline of the film, and also provides the perfect ending of the film, providing a link the Mythica 4.

Lastly is Phillip Brodie who plays Betylla. Although his role is not large, he is a strong presence in each of his scenes and makes for compulsive watching.

The choreography of the fight scenes and the CGI effects were outstanding. These technical aspects made the film the best in the series so far. My only complaint (not necessarily a criticism) is that you cannot start your Mythica journey with this film. You will need to start from the beginning of the series.

If you are a fan like me, you will be delighted in many ways with Mythica 3: The Necromancer!

Reviewed by Barry Hill
Twitter: @kinesguy

Rating out of 10:  8

Mythica 3: The Necromancer is released by Eagle Entertainment and is available now on Blu-ray and DVD.

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