DVD Review: The Dramatics: A Comedy

DVD Review: The Dramatics: A Comedy

A struggling actress lands the starring role in an erotic miniseries based on a popular chick lit novel but her boyfriend is less than enthusiastic.


Struggling actress Katie has just landed the starring role in the making of an erotic miniseries based on a popular chick lit novel about S & M. Katie is thrilled with the big break that she has been waiting for, and while her boyfriend Paul tries to be happy for her, he is less than enthusiastic about his live-in girlfriend acting out raunchy scenes with a Hollywood heavyweight who is also a director who likes to act out his research.

It’s not that Paul doesn’t have a career of his own. He writes and performs improv comedy in between smoking copious amounts of weed and watching porn, which he believes is pretty much what his girlfriend is about to be making.

TheDramaticsDVDKat Foster and Scott Rodgers co-wrote the script and play the leading roles with Rodgers also directing. There is a glimmer of authenticity in the two main characters, which are loosely based on their actual lives. Exposing their insecurities as performers, including Foster’s unreasonable comparisons of her own looks and figure to those of her acting competitors.

The movie also stars Pablo Schrieber, who is intense and enjoyable as actor/director Bryan Macy, and Ricky Lindhorn, who is quirky and fun as Abigail, one of Paul’s seductive acting students. Sean Astin also provides an enjoyable cameo as Alex Wilson Dixon, a pretentious producer.

If you’ve ever wondered if it is confusing for actors as they muddle the way through their on and off screen relationships, the answer is probably yes. One real relationship is hard enough for most people without throwing in the confusion of fake ones too. There is a little too much tragedy and reality in this film for it to be a comedy, but it’s still an enjoyable watch for those who like a bit of new-fashioned romance.

Reviewed by Ceri Hutton
Twitter: @Ceri_Hutton

Rating out of 10:  6

The Dramatics will be released on DVD from 24 August 2016.

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