Earth Ride Adelaide 2010

EarthEarth Ride Adelaide 2010 is a FREE community event, held in conjunction with the global Earth Hour, aimed at promoting environmental sustainability, including sustainable transport options and encouraging behavioural change among patrons.

Incorporating the outer city squares, Earth Ride – Adelaide 2010 will take bike riders on a car free, entertaining and educational journey through the city streets in support of Earth Hour.

All five squares in the CBD will be themed (Water/Air/Earth/Fire) to coincide with and support the vision of Earth Ride – Adelaide 2010. Victoria Square will have a series of stalls that will be set up to allow participants to meander and learn, not only about the many environmental challenges facing their community (and the world as a whole) but to also take away solutions that will empower each individual to make a small but significant difference.

Earth Ride Adelaide 2010 is an event that informs, entertains and motivates Adelaide’s growing community… It’s family-oriented, community-friendly fun for all; big and small, young and old!

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