Earthquake felt across South-East Australia

A size 6.0 earthquake has hit Victoria, with tremors felt across the nation.

Feature image from @NatanaelBloch on Twitter

Just this morning, a massive earthquake shook the country.

A majority of the earthquake hit Melbourne, but even here in SA we felt the tremors.

The quake reached 6.0 Richter scale in Mansfield, Victoria, seismologists say, and it is said that there is still more earthquakes to come.

The earthquake hit Mansfield in Victoria’s north-east around 9:15am and was 10-kilometres deep.

It is already been called one of the largest earthquake in Australian history.

Mansfield, the epicentre of the earthquake, is about 190 kilometres’ drive north-east of Melbourne at the foothills of Victoria’s high country. The earthquake was felt in Melbourne as well as in regional Victoria, Sydney, regional New South Wales, the ACT, Adelaide and even Launceston in Tasmania.

There are already reports of building damages across Melbourne, but at this time, there have been no updates on injuries or fatalities.


We will continue providing updates as they come.

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